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This morning I woke up about at ten o’clock, and decided to sleep a bit later because I decided it was too early.
Fortunately I hadn’t stayed awake all night, or woken up in the small hours, as I usually do before the days when I receive money.

After getting up, I took my morning medicine, dressed up into a purple Dirndl dress and a baseball shirt, and checked the balance of my bank account in the online back service.

About less than half an hour after getting up, I was already outside.
The days are getting bitterly cold.

I took a train to another part of my home town, and visited the bank to withdraw cash.
Then I took a train to Helsinki, and visited a clothing shop named Monki. I bought a long- sleeved polo shirt with horizontal rainbow stripes, and a Sister Hoodie; a black hoodie with the text Sister Hoodie with pink and white print on the hood.
I was really sad to see that most of the amazing clothes had already been sold out, considering that now is the time of fall selection. But then again, soon they will probably have all kinds of amazing new clothes for sale, and they have only one article of clothing I am going to buy later; a cinnamon- coloured overall dress with pockets.

I visited a pop- up Finlayson shop simply because it has become one of my favourite shops.
I decided to buy a bath towel with a picture of the Moomin character Snufkin on it. It’s green and white with red edges, and it was in discount. I am going to buy two more of the same design, and keep them for my friends who have sleepovers at my place.

I am absolutely obsessed with new towels, because I am in desperate need of new ones; I need new bath towels for myself (preferably the pink and green striped Marimekko towels), red- and- white heart- patterned face towels for visitors, and also two IKEA bath towels I can use when I go to the natatorium.

I also visited the Body Shop to buy two bars of soap, one olive- scented and one shea- scented.

I took a train back home and visited the supermarket to buy a pair of extremely durable dish- washing gloves.

Once back home, I cut the price tags off my clothes and washed two loads of laundry, including the new clothes and the new bath towel, and the Dirndl dress I was wearing because I need to take it to the dressmaker, I need to have it fixed before next week’s journey to my grandmother’s, and I possibly cannot take the dress to the dressmaker if it smells of sweat.
I have taken up the habit of wearing my Dirndl dresses each time I go visit my grandmother, it solves the problem with what kind of clothing I should wear when going to visit her.
Soon I felt bored enough to chew on my own toenails just for the shits and giggles, so I decided to go visit my mother even if we had agreed that I only visit her on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, and she said it’s alright.

I took a bus to my parents’ home, once there I drank a cup of coffee and ate some feta cheese, two tomatoes, and a slice of a bun loaf.

I did some face and neck exercises, and lifted dumbbells.

Later the day me and mom left at the same time and took the same bus to where I live.
I visited the dressmaker, and asked them if I can bring over a nightshirt with a small tear under the arm, and if they can fix it on the go and how much do I have to pay for it. I am going to take it there on Friday when I receive money, so I can pay for it right away.

I visited a flea market and I was happy to see that they had a Hello Kitty duvet cover for sale! I added it to my list of things I am going to buy on Friday.

Once back home, I grabbed my things and went to the natatorium.
I managed to swim for 100 meters, and then I went to the sauna and then I washed my hair and body.

Once back home, I washed another load of laundry; the bathing suit, bath towel, the canvas bag where I keep my natatorium stuff, and the small towel I use as a seat in the sauna.
I fetched my bed sheets from the drying room, and then I washed the dirty dishes using the newly bought rubber gloves.

In the evening, before going to sleep, I watched the Doctor Who episode The Five Doctors on DVD.
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