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I love writing lists!

List of the things I need to take along to the trip to my grandmother's:
πŸ€ A clean nightie
πŸ€ Two Doctor Who DVDs, Frontier in Space and Colony in Space
πŸ€ The movie Kummeli Jackpot on DVD
πŸ€ The book Syysprinssi by Anja Kauranen
πŸ€ The purple Dirndl dress with an orange- and- purple- striped, long- sleeved blouse; the brown, embroidered Dirndl dress with a red, white heart- patterned long- sleeved blouse; and the blue embroidered Dirndl dress with a black- and- grey striped, long- sleeved blouse
πŸ€ Matching pendants for the outfits, and basic stud earrings
πŸ€ Three pairs of brassieres, panties, leggings, and ankle socks
πŸ€ My laptop
πŸ€ My cellphone charger
πŸ€ My bathing suit
πŸ€ My current knitwork
πŸ€ Warm hoodie, becaus there where she lives is much colder than in the South where I live
πŸ€ Her birthday card & gift
πŸ€ An unused toothbrush
πŸ€ And the usual things I carry in my backpack
πŸ€ My debit card

List of the things I need to buy:
🐞 A new nightshirt that I am going to wash, dry, iron, and fold and leave it to my grandmother's house until the next visit
🐞 A bottle of shampoo, a tube of toothpaste, a bar of soap

What do I need to do before the journey:
πŸ¦„ Check out the balance of my bank account, if I have received money I will go to the bank to withdraw it
πŸ¦„ Visit my mother to pick up the weekly allowance and the CD that my brother copied for me
πŸ¦„ Wash the dishes
πŸ¦„ Wash a load of laundry and take it to the drying room, and fetch them right before leaving
πŸ¦„ Iron last week's laundry
πŸ¦„ Take out the trash and recycling, and wash the plastic canvas bags where I keep the recyclable carton & paper & metal waste
πŸ¦„ Take my carpet to the dry cleaner's, and promise to pick it up on Friday
πŸ¦„ Renew two medicine prescriptions
πŸ¦„ Take two bills to the social office
πŸ¦„ And finally, double- check that the electric appliances are unplugged, the windows and doors are closed, and all the stuff I need is in my backpack and luggage bag

What do I need to buy on Friday:
❄️ The decorations and treats to serve in my Halloween party
❄️ Two articles of clothes before they are sold out: a short orange dress with pockets and overall straps from Monki, and a unicorn overall from Hennes & Mauritz
❄️ Birthday- and nameday cards for November and December, Father's day card, Halloween cards, and a greeting card for a friend who has hir wedding next month
❄️ Plenty of hygiene products; lip balms, toothbrushes, interdental brushes, toilet paper, household paper, band- aids, hand soap, dish- washing liquid and -brushes, cleaning spray, toilet cleaner, panty liners, and sanitary pads...
❄️ If the medicine prescriptions are renewed by then, I will buy new batches of them.

What am I going to do in the following months:
πŸ„ Host my own Halloween party
πŸ„ I Love Me!- festival
πŸ„ The Halloween party hosted by my friend and hir husband
πŸ„ Licorice & salmiakki- festival
πŸ„ Mental health fair
πŸ„ See the movie Syysprinssi
πŸ„ The Halloween festival in the science center
πŸ„ The new art show in the contemporary art museum


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