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I ended up staying awake all night, even if I had remembered to take my medicine yesterday evening.
I spent the evening chatting away with my new friend Evi on Facebook. We had a good time talking about tea and animals, which we both like. Zie seems like an amazing person.
In the end, I didn’t mind staying awake because after all, I was up and awake early, so I didn’t have to worry about sleeping too late and I had plenty of time to do stuff before my Greyhound bus would leave.

The first thing to do was to take my morning medicine, brush my teeth, wash my face and hair, and after a dab of lotion on my face and a dab of oil serum into my hair, the result was really pretty. I wanted to look pretty when I went to visit my grandmother.
As for clothes, I wore black trousers and a powder blue t- shirt with a huge pink heart on it with “Mermaid” written in cursive inside the heart.

I called the psychiatric clinic and asked them to renew a medicine prescription. I also learned that one of the prescriptions, which was for basic lotion, was already valid so I could buy it as soon as possible.

I went to visit my mother, before that I took my smartphone bill and broadband bill to the social office.
Once at my parents’ home, mom gave me 26 euros and we had coffee together, and I ate all of their feta cheese.
I also fetched the CD that my big brother had copied for me from the original music album that I had borrowed from the library.

After leaving, I took a bus back and visited the supermarket to buy some stuff for the visit to my grandmother’s; a new pink nightie that cost only a fiver, a tube of Finnish toothpaste, a bottle of Finnish shampoo, and a bar of Dove Crème soap.

Once back home, I put the hygiene products into my suitcase. I washed a load of laundry, the new nightshirt and yesterday’s clothes and my oven mittens, they had some molten cheese on them.

It was still before noon when I received a text message from the psychiatric center, it said that the prescription was renewed. That was quick.
I ironed yesterday’s laundry and washed the rest of the dishes; a tea mug and a teaspoon. I wanted everything to be clean and tidy when I come home from the journey.
When the laundry was done, I took them to the drying room downstairs where I intended to fetch them in the afternoon.
I also found plenty of stuff to give away to charity.
I received an electricity bill in the mail, I decided to take it to the social office when I leave.
I wiped the dust and stains off my nightstand and writing desk.
I listened to some of the music on the aforementioned copied CD, it played just fine.
I took out the household waste and the recycling, and washed three plastic canvas bags (the ones where I keep paper, metal, and carton waste) in the washing machine. I don’t get glass waste too often, but I recycle glass as well.

Soon I was bored to tears and found absolutely nothing to do.
I decided to play my Boring Game; every time I am bored, I try to find at least one thing to do instead of being bored. I found plenty of things to do and I was so busy that I didn’t notice it until I had to leave.

I fetched the laundry from downstairs and stuffed the damp nightshirt into my suitcase, then I took out the rest of the trash, returned some books to the library, took my electricity bill to the social office, bought a sundried tomato bagel stuffed with cold- smoked salmon and two bottles of iced coffee, and took a train to Helsinki.

I met Mirette downtown, zie kept me company until my Greyhound bus left.
The trip lasted approximately for two and half hours, but it felt like half an hour because I kept myself busy with my diary and my smartphone, I listened to music on Spotify and chatted with Evi on Messenger.

Once we arrived up north, it was already dusky. I went to my grandmother’s, she was happy to see me.
I gave her a birthday card and an angel figurine, she loved them both.
The angel figurine is actually one of my old artefacts, I have had it for about fifteen years by now but decided to give it to my grandmother because I believe that she would appreciate it more than me, I don’t necessarily like religious figurines.

Grandmother had prepared supper for me, beetroot salad, stewed turnip dices, Karelian pies, herring fillets, and these small pies called vatruska. I think it’s a Russian word.
She had to visit an old lady downstairs, and while she was away, I stuffed a herring fillet into my mouth with two hands and burped out loud. When she came back, I had already finished my meal and I was rinsing out my plate and cutlery.

I set up my laptop and USB dongle, and plugged my smartphone to a recharger.

In the evening I took my medicine, had a wash and brushed my teeth.

For some reason, I felt extremely insecure about the way I look. Basically everyone wishes they were beautiful, because the society teaches us that being beautiful is the only way we can ever be loved and worth something.
And once again, fandom saved my life. I started thinking of the game Overwatch and the character Junkrat; very often I have dreams where I am married to him. If we were actually married, would he give a rat’s ass if I was fat and hairy and smelly? He’s not conventionally attractive, and yet I still believe he is adorable and handsome, and a very awesome and wonderful and unique and intriguing as a character.

Tomorrow I will go for a walk in the forest and lake shore and cornfields, and visit the Kimmo Pyykkö art museum which is practically right next to my grandmother’s home.
I will also receive the weekly allowance, so the first thing to do is to purchase a ticket to the “I Love Me!”- fair, it’s in Helsinki this weekend. I am also going to buy some hygiene products I can use at my grandmother’s.
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