Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼 (kattidya) wrote,
Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Daily deeds

Counting my blessings:
😍 I managed to brush my teeth and take a shower
😍 Mom gave me a bar of Fazermint chocolate, and some money
😍 I went to two hang- out places today and had a good time

😍 I bought some new knitting yarn
😍 Swooned at the Xmas stuff in the stationery shop
😍 Received a mail- order package which is a Halloween gift for sweetcarolanne

Food intake:
🍊 One bar of mint fondant filled chocolate

🍊 Two pieces of nougat- filled chocolate
🍊 A handful of dark grapes
🍊 Four slices of buttered oat bread
🍊 Four cups of coffee with milk and sugar
🍊 Two cups of cocoa
🍊 Four bottles of iced espresso

🚿 Flossed and brushed my teeth, and used mouthwash

🚿 Washed my hair and body and face
🚿 Dabbed cortisone lotion on my wrist

💲 A spool of knitting yarn
💲 Two rolls of translucent tape
💲 A cardboard box for mailing a gift to sweetcarolanne

Good deeds:
🎗 When I visited the stationery shop, another customer toppled a pile of books and I helped hir put them back on the counter.
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