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Last night I had a dream where I lost my precious “My Little Pony Goes Rock” hoodie. After I woke up from that dream, I was seriously thinking of fetching the aforementioned hoodie from my closet and cuddling with it in my bed.

I got up about at midday, took my morning medicine, washed my face (I have discontinued using face washes because of my extremely sensitive skin) and dabbed some lotion on it, and also anointed my body with basic lotion; I am going to do that twice every day, so my skin won’t suffer any more. I have had atopic skin ever since I was a kid.

It wasn’t even half an hour after getting up when I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said it’s alright.

I caught the bus %/! to my parents’ home.
Once there, both of my parents were home and in a seemingly happy mood.
I hugged and kissed my dad and tweaked his big toe, like I always did when I was a kid and wanted to pay special attention to him.
He thanked me for the cards I had sent him, the birthday card and the Father’s day card (in Finland, Father’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November), and he also said that he likes it how I always remember holidays and how I am always so positive. His words made me blush.

I drank coffee and orange juice, ate some peanuts and Karelian pies, and helped mom with housework.

Later the day it was time to leave, I hugged and kissed both of my parents and left.

I took the bus %&% to Myyr York, and went to the shopping center.

I went to the department store and looked at the usual Christmas stuff I am going to buy later, just to make sure that they haven’t been sold out. Then I looked for a new winter coat, preferable a moderately thin one with a long hem, and purple in colour. And I might also buy a pair of pink gloves.

Once back home, it was still quite early even if I felt like it was already something like eight or seven o’clock in the evening. It’s just that now that it gets dark early, it feels like it’s already late.

I could have gone to the gym, but I didn’t have enough motivation. I just puttered around, did some housework and wrote into my diary, and drank some tea.

Tomorrow I will go visit my parents’ home again, I will bring them the bunch of Fair Trade roses I forgot at my home. I will also attend the family group for the last time.
I might also do the rest of the housework; I need to take out the recycling, hoover and mop every single square inch of the floor, including from under the furniture, swab the writing desk and kitchen counter, and scrub the bathroom.
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