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I'm having way too much fun!

I stayed awake all the way to midnight, eating my favourite sandwiches (buttered rye bread with cheese and cucumber slices) and Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream.
I was having such a good time now that I didn’t feel depressed or anxious as I usually feel before bedtime, and my clothes felt so comfortable that I didn’t feel like changing into nighties, I felt like I was a swaddled infant.

This morning I had a slight dream about the summer cottage, but I barely remember it. I had many dreams about Doctor Who, one where I was carrying the Master’s child, and one about the bittersweet fate of Amy Pond which I won’t spoil for you.
It gave me so many *feels* that I was almost in tears when I woke up, my face was scrunched up like I was actually crying.
I looked at my smartphone that was recharging on my nightstand, and I realized it would be only fifteen minutes and then I had to get up to make it to the hairdresser’s appointment.

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to have my dreams during midnight, not in the mornings. That way I wouldn’t be disappointed when I have to get up right in the middle of my dreaming; I still remember how devastated I felt when I had a dream about sailing among the stars and being interrupted when my alarm clock rang.

I took my morning medicine and washed my hair very quickly, rubbed basic lotion on my skin, put on a brownish grey flower patterned 1950’s dress, and checked the balance of my online bank account.

I sent 25 dollars to Luisy through PayPal, and then I went to an ATM machine in the shopping center and withdrew some cash.

I bought a box of shock pink hair dye and some treats from the supermarket, and then I went to the library to read something and drink a couple of iced lattes.
Then I went to the hairdresser about fifteen minutes early, but they welcomed me nevertheless.

I had about one centimetre of the dry tips of my hair cut off by layers, and had my fringe shortened. It was nice chit- chatting with the hairdresser, she was really sweet to me. I just don’t like when they ask about school or jobs, because I have to answer that due to my mental illness I am not capable of studying or working.

I looked into the mirror in front of me and decided that even if I look like quite a plain Jane, I still look adorable. I love my chubby, rosy cheeks, and I loved my hair, especially now that I was dying it pink again.

I went home and immediately set to work; I was a bit surprised that the instructions on the package said that all I have to do is to rub the colour into my hair, wait patiently for half an hour, and then rinse it with water.

The result looked a bit dark, like the skin of a beetroot, not exactly the bright sparkling bubblegum pink I had wanted. I knew that I should have bleached my hair first, but I didn’t feel like irritating my scalp any more.

I called the same hairdresser and made a new appointment on next Tuesday, when I receive the monthly allowance. I am going to have my head shaved completely bald so I can grow my natural hair colour back again.
I was a bit bewildered when the hairdresser who answered my call didn’t ask me any questions when I told her that I am going to have my shaved completely.

And besides, my scalp has itched a lot for the past two years, and I scratch it with my nails to the point where it has started to bleed. I want to have a bald head so that I can spread cortisone lotion on it, and my hair won’t be on the way.

Oh well, at least I will have my gorgeous natural hair grown back next year, and besides, now I have learned not to make any hasty decisions. And at least I will look like Imperator Furiosa for a while.

Later the day I left again, I took a train to Helsinki and went to the movie theater. I bought myself a ticket to the 2D version of Doctor Strange, and an Extra Large tub of popcorn and three small pouches of butter- flavoured seasoning.
Emjuso and Mirette didn’t show up, I was a bit worried about them but I still had a good time, watching the movie.
The movie is about a world- famous neurosurgeon name Doctor Stephen Strange, who ends up in a car crash and ends up with both of his hands paralyzed. When Western medicine fails him, he decided to try some New Age stuff and becomes a Marvel superhero with a cape. Yay.

After the movie I turned my smartphone back on, Mirette called and asked me to come over to Kamppi. I went there on a subway train, we hugged each other and took a subway to Heart Cape. And what do you know, we met Mirette’s father there. We talked about stuff and laughed a lot, he seemed like a nice person.

Once at Mirette’s home, I brushed my teeth (I have a spare toothbrush at Mirette’s home, in case I am having a sleepover) and helped Mirette tidy up her home.
I invited Mirette at my home for a sleepover. First we went to the local supermarket and bought some pizza ingredients and Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream.

We took a subway and then a bus home. On the way there we shared the ice cream, and had a good time.
Once at my place, Mirette made some margarita pizza for us. We stayed up late with our respective laptops.

Tomorrow I will have an appointment at this house for mentally ill people, where they can hang out and go to hobby groups. I have been thinking of going there every Friday, so I can go to the women’s sauna. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.
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