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My plans Monday, November 21st - Sunday, November 28th

Monday, November 21st:
I will finish the housework I didn’t do last weekend.
I will go to Amos Anderson art museum, and then to Girls’ House.

Tuesday, November 22nd:
I will receive the monthly allowance.
I will pay 25 US dollars to my artist friend Luisa for a commission, and as for the rest of the money, I will buy a winter coat, a new pair of gloves, and some Christmas stuff.
If I have enough time, I will go to the hobby group in the evening, and visit my mother who will give me the weekly allowance.

Wednesday, November 23rd:
I will go to a beautician in Helsinki to have a manicure.
After that, I will go to the Mental Health fair.
I will pay another 25 US dollars to the artist friend I mentioned, and then I will buy the weekly amount of groceries.

Thursday, November 24th:
I will go to Lapland Spring and then to Girls’ House.

Friday, November 25th:
I will do housework, and visit my mother. I might go to Pearl, another hang- out place for mentally ill people.

Saturday, November 26th:
I will continue doing housework.

Sunday, November 27th:
I will go see my parents.
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