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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Just to clear my mind, I will copy my Christmas shopping list here.

🦍 It is beyond my linguistic skillz what they are actually called, but I need to buy two plastic frames embedded with fairy lights; one ❤️- shaped with warm yellowish lights to my balcony door, and one ❄️- shaped with powder blue lights to my kitchen window.

🦊 A Christmas tree, preferably Fejka from IKEA. I might go visit the one in Espoo when it's bright outside. And as for decorations, I would like those shiny plastic red apples, they can also be found from IKEA.

🦇 I need to buy plenty of wrapping paper and string and gift tags and stickers and Washi tape, fortunately the supermarket and stationery store at the nearest shopping mall have plenty of them for sale.

🦉 I have this special policy when it comes to cards, not only Christmas but also Valentine's, Easter, and I am thinking of starting to send greeting cards on Halloween; I buy about 30 of the same design to my friends outside Finland, and the same amount of cards of the same design to my Finnish friends; excluding my nearest friends like Terhi, Mirette, Suavecita, Eleclya, Perkele, Emjuso, and my grandmother, I will buy them cards that vary in design. And of course, enough stamps to send them.

🥝 I am also giving cards to my parents, and people like my favourite librarian and dressmaker and barista.

🦋 I have taken up the habit of buying a new dress each year for my family's Christmas party, in case I can find one.

🥀 And of course, Christmas gifts.
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