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Last night I had a dream where Horror Shop was moved into the town where the summer cottage resided, and I could easily go there through an underground tunnel. I was happy because now I could visit both Horror Shop and summer cottage.
In the same dream I went there with my older brother, who smiled kindly at me and hugged me. It made me very emotional because I cannot remember a single time my brother, my only sibling, has ever hugged me or said anything nice to me.

My mother called me about at eleven o’clock in the morning. I was already awake but I was still lying in bed, dreaming my dreamy little dreams. She told me that we could meet at noon in the shopping mall; it motivated me to get up.

I took my morning medicine, washed my face, and dressed up and put on some jewellery.

I went to the shopping center to meet her, she gave me the monthly ninety euros and that was that.
I went to the department store and bought four rolls of wrapping paper, two boxes that each contained six pocket- sized tissue boxes, and some basic groceries.

It was really a chore to haul them home, the groceries in a carrier bag and the rolls of wrapping paper tugged under my arm, while having a horrid PMS.

Once back home, I put the groceries into the fridge, and the wrapping paper to the shelf where I keep my wrapping papers.

I took the sheets off my bed and took the pillow, blanket, and mattress to the balcony, replaced the towels and washed them with the bed sheets.

About at one o’clock in the afternoon, my H&O worker came for a visit. I washed the dishes while talking to her, and decided to iron my clothes later because my PMS was making me distracted.

We left at the same time. I went to the local pharmacy and bought a pump- action bottle of this body lotion that is supposed to make my skin less itchy. I also bought a tongue- scraper, I am going to take it as a part of my hygiene routine.

Soon I felt bored, so I decided to go to Late Winds. I caught a bus there, but what do you know, the place was closed.

I headed back home on the same bus. Once there, I washed another load of laundry and did some housework, until I decided to go to Lappish Spring.

I took the bus to Opera and then a tram, but decided to turn back and go visit my parents.

I caught a bus to my parents’ home, once there mom was home. I ate some food and drank coffee, later the day my dad came home.

I took a bus to my respective home, and I was so moody and furious because of my PMS that I was fidgeting in my seat.

Once in Myyr York, I didn’t bother with going to the shopping mall again.

I went home, took my evening medicine, made myself a couple of sandwiches, and did some housework.
Soon I felt so bloated that I actually threw up a couple of times. My stomach was bulging, my sides were aching, and I had the bitter taste of bile in my mouth.

Tomorrow, if I am awake early enough, I will go to the natatorium to swim and then go to the sauna.
I will go to my friend Heidi’s pre- Christmas party with my friends Suavecita, Eleclya, Mirette, and Emjuso. I’m sure it will be amazing.
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