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I haven’t updated for a while now, because I have been too busy sleeping and having Christmas angst and a kind of an identity crisis; am I a bitter, cynical nihilist, or a happy- go- lucky little pixie? I would like to be the latter, but I guess I am more the former.
At least I am not addicted to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, even if I am somewhat of a bohemian.

On Wednesday evening, I took my evening medicine and four tranquillizers, and still didn’t get much sleep. I wandered around my home and rummaged through my cupboards, looking for useless stuff I could give away to charity.

On Thursday I was awake early enough, so I went to the health center to make an appointment for a routine check- up. I need to know why my skin itches all the time, why does my nose run all throughout the year, and why do I always feel sick in my stomach after eating a proper meal (not chocolate, ice cream, crisps, or other treats), can I get off my iced coffee addiction, and can the doctor prescribe me the liposome lotion that should help my itchy skin?

Today I felt a bit better because me and my best friend Suavecita had our mutual birthday party (Suavecita will be 28 years old on December 23rd, and I will be 28 years old on December 28th) and pre- Christmas party.

My friend Laufey arrived first, she brought a bag of pink and white marshmallows and a bag of candy.
Then Mirette arrived, and Laufey had to leave a bit early because she still had some last- minute shopping to do. Then Odessa came over, and then Eleclya and Suavecita arrived. They brought three carrier bags full of food; three bags of crisps, two boxes of chocolate, coffee grounds, pizza pasties, meringues, ginger snaps, brownies, Coca- Cola, milk, rye bread, bags of candy; and some of their old clothes they are going to give away. I got two dresses and an apron.

They both gave me presents; a pair of fluffy socks, a sheet of shiny penguin stickers, a honeycomb- shaped bar of soap, and a candle holder in the shape of a Christmassy house.

Later the day my friend Frieda arrived, we had a good time playing cards and taking photos and eating and drinking and talking and laughing and farting and listening to music.

I ate plenty of food and had to take a poop many times.

Suavecita and Eleclya went to a karaoke bar, me and Mirette surfed on the Internet on our respective laptops.

Suavecita, Eleclya, and Mirette stayed for the night. Tomorrow I am going to start my annual Christmas house- cleaning, go through every corner and nook with a fine- tooth comb.
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