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On Wednesday I ordered some stuff from online shops; a shirt from RedBubble, a poster from TShirtHell, a canvas batch and three posters from the official Tank Girl merchandise shop.

I also bought some clothes from Hennes & Mauritz, there was a discount sale like there usually is by this time of the year.

I bought a proper winter coat from the Salvation Army flea market. It’s an old Finnish brand, very warm and durable.

I accidentally lost my travel card, for about fifth time in my life! Oh well, I’ll go purchase a new one next Wednesday.

This morning I had horrid nightmares, where Benedict Cumberbatch turned out to be the Antichrist. Fortunately I woke up when my alarm clock rang.

I snoozed for about an hour, and then I was forced to get up. I took my morning medicine, took a shower, dressed into my Christmas dress (a pine- green lacey dress with long sleeves and a short skirt) and put on my Capricorn necklace.

It was raining heavily outside, it sounded like a machine gun going ra- ta- ta- ta.

I called my mother and told her I am coming over for Christmas.

I packed the rest of my stuff and left.
Fortunately by now the rain had ceased.

I decided to take a train to where my parents’ live, at least it’s easier to travel without a ticket on a train than on a bus.

I had to walk a long way from the train station to my parents’ house, I was in a foul mood but fortunately I felt better once I arrived at my parents’ house.

Once there, I left my coat in the bathroom to let it dry, plugged in my laptop, helped my mother with household chores.

Later the day dad drove us to the cemetery where my mother’s parents are buried. On the way back we picked up my brother from his home.

Once back at my parents’ home, we had a Christmas feast. For dessert we had plum tarts and chocolate confections.

Tomorrow I might go for a walk, if the weather is favourable.
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