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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Photos from this month

Me on Christmas Eve, taken by my mother

 photo photo15_zpsxk3fuf84.jpg

My Christmas selfie, taken by Mirette

 photo photo17_zpsjssyvpbd.jpg

My family Christmas tree

 photo photo16_zpsf4zqinyl.jpg

My Christmas cards

 photo photo5_zpsjpbeeag2.jpg

 photo photo4_zpskcjuqsx4.jpg

 photo photo8_zpsueyeueo9.jpg

 photo photo7_zps9ycfrusp.jpg

 photo photo6_zpsxf4anuqc.jpg

 photo photo1_zps59skcmwl.jpg

Birthday card from Suavecita

 photo photo3_zpsm6b7su9n.jpg

Birthday card from gaia_child

 photo photo2_zpst0c3hb3h.jpg

And some cute pictures she sent me, I am going to put them on my walls :3

 photo photo11_zpsfttmjuxg.jpg

 photo photo10_zpsod80nlfu.jpg

 photo 12_zpsm0khxnci.jpg

 photo photo13_zpsgdykiceh.jpg

And a Halloween card from Hippi! ^_^
 photo photo9_zpsbcu6xeyd.jpg

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