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My new year resolutions for 2017

I will be as nice and kind and forgiving and loving and understanding as I can, to each person I meet.

I will go to the gym every other day. I will walk on the treadmill for an hour at maximum, and then use all the exercise machines. After I have become fit enough, I will continue going by the same routine, such as gym on Monday, shower on Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday, shower on Thursday, gym on Friday… And if I don’t have enough time to go to the gym, I will go for walks and bike rides, or do yoga and aerobics, or some simple stretches

I will start going to (art) museums as often as I can.

I will start washing the dishes every evening before bedtime.

I will order one product per week from online shops, like Etsy or Amazon.

I will start taking vitamin supplements such as omega 3, multivitamin, vitamin D, and something for my hair, nails, and skin. But only after my doctor’s appointment at the end of February, so I can be sure that they don’t interfere with my medication or cause me ailments.

I will start carrying a book and my current knitwork in my backpack, so when I go to a bank or health center or travel somewhere in a bus, train, or subway, I will have something to do.

I will completely stop cursing and swearing, whether in my native language or English.


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4th Jan, 2017 15:44 (UTC)
That's a great exercise plan! If I could, I'd follow it too. I don't like the gym though; I joined my friend there once or twice but felt there unfomfortable. Swimming pool is way too expensive for me, so I plan stick to walks with Maya in the pram. I know it won't be daily but hopefully, a few times a week.

Going to art museums - wonderful! Helsinki has got plenty, right?

Good idea with vitamins - we supplement our girls and us with vit D with vit K2. For better nails and good hair I think vit E is perfect.

Your last resolution is definitely mine, too!!
5th Jan, 2017 18:17 (UTC)
Thank you, honey :3 I actually first disliked going to the gym, but now that I have a membership to this amazing private gym that has 24/7/365 access, I have started to enjoy going there. But the only problem is that I don't always find enough time to go there because I am quite busy during day- time :D
And also, right now in Finland the temperature is almost twenty below zero, i.e. freezing cold, so it doesn't really motivate me to go there :P

Oh yes, Helsinki has plenty of amazing museoms! :D

I'm really glad you take such a good care of your daughters :3c

7th Jan, 2017 14:46 (UTC)
-20'c also here;/ it gets warmer during the day when the sun goes out but at night when the temp drops....brrrrrr

I was wondering, how do you make those cool little icons in the entry or comment?
8th Jan, 2017 15:42 (UTC)
They're called emojis, you can copy/paste them from getemoji.com

16th Feb, 2017 13:38 (UTC)
thanks for the link :) ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

🦉 yay!
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