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My plans for Monday, January 9th - Sunday, January 15th

Monday, January 9th:
The first thing to do is to go out for errands; I will return a huge pile of books and a DVD to the library, and fetch my requests. Then I will take a burned- out lightbulb to the department store for recycling.
I will also go to the social office to ask a few questions and use their free- of- charge printer.
I will call the locksmith and ask them to fix my balcony door, but first I have to ask them about the payment; do I have to pay them immediately with cash, or will they send a bill?
I will call the psychiatric clinic and ask them if they can send me a text message after my Solian prescription, along with the special permission, is renewed.
I will go to the gym. The first thing to do is to walk on the treadmill for an hour at maximum, and then use all the exercise machines.
I will finish the rest of the housework; I have to hoover and mop the floor under the furniture, take out the trash, fetch the bed sheets from the drying room, swab the writing desk and nightstand.

Tuesday, January 10th:
I will go to my parents’ home to have coffee with my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance.
I will go visit Late Winds in the afternoon. If the weather is favourable, meaning that it doesn’t snow right into my face or the temperature isn’t cold enough to freeze my snot right in my nostrils, I will walk there and back.

Wednesday, January 11th:
It’s my friend sweetcarolanne birthday!
I will receive the weekly allowance, so I will order one product from an online shop, and go grocery shopping.
I will also go to the gym again, and work out by the same routine.

Thursday, January 12th:
I will go visit Lappish Spring.

Friday, January 13th:
Friday the 13th! Ch- ch- ch- ah- ah- ah...
I will start doing the weekly housecleaning.
I will go visit my mother, and go to the gym.

Saturday, January 14th:
I will continue doing housework.

Sunday, January 15th:
I will go visit my mother, she will give me the monthly 90 euros.
I will go to the gym.
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