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Daylight come and me want go shopping

In the morning after getting up, I took my medicine and put on the lovely colourful dress that Mirette gave me (thank you so much, sweetheart!), and tidied up a bit in my apartment.

I turned on my laptop and logged in to the online bank service, and yeah, I had received money. I ordered a 1990’s grunge necklace from Etsy.com; I will keep my new year’s resolution of ordering one product per week from an online shop, such as Etsy or Amazon.

We had to leave right away, because we had to go visit Mirette’s apartment to pick up some stuff.

We caught a train to Helsinki and then a subway to Mirette’s home, once there we had cocoa.

We took a subway to the city center, and we visited a bank to withdraw cash.

We went thrift store prowling, first we visited UFF on Iso- Roba. I bought a 1980’s cardigan, a black Dirndl dress, a yellow cardigan, a long burgundy dress, and something else I don’t remember right now.

Then we went to Fida, where I bought an empty tin box, a pink- and- orange striped shirt, and a green tunic with white pattern of little girls holding each other’s hands.

Then we went to another UFF on Freda, where I bought a knitted sweater that makes a cute mini- dress, and something else I don’t remember.

Once back at my home, we had a wonderful, scrumptious feast of mozzarella sticks and French fries. I spent the evening surfing on the Internet, knitting a blanket square, and writing into my diary.

Tomorrow I will go to Lappish Spring, that’s all I have planned.
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