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Before you die, you see the sequel

I stayed awake last night, even if I was exhausted after the Valentine’s day party.
I watched Keeping up Appearances, played Pokémon: RED, and updated my journal.

When the next morning dawned, I took my medicine, brushed my teeth, dabbed lotion on my face, dressed up, and ate a decent breakfast. I noticed that I looked very pretty.

I spent my time wrapping my dresses and skirts into rolls, and putting them neatly into my cupboard.

I don’t know why, but it took me a while to notice that my armpits smell like, well, the best word would be “rotten shit”. Fortunately Suavecita had given me a roll- on deodorant.

Me and Mirette stayed inside all day, except in the evening we went to the movies. I had convinced Mirette to come along when I go see Rings.
We took a train to Hell City, and went to the movie theater.

The movie was amazing, even if many people have said that it deserves a Golden Raspberry award, I still loved it because the “monster” is a female teenager, and she isn’t sexualised in any way.

After the movie, we took a subway to Heart Cape and went to Mirette’s home. She wanted to see Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen on her television, and she also gave me a purple magic ink pen from her own pen collection, because mine was out of ink.

We took a subway to the city center, a train to Mole Hill, and once back home I was so tired that I just took my evening medicine, changed into a nightie, and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housecleaning routine, and I will go see my mother before the HoivaOnni worker comes for a visit.
In the afternoon, me and Mirette will go visit Horror Shop to deliver a birthday card and a Valentine’s day card to Pärkele.
Tags: mirette, movies, real life
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