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Eleven stranger things

I had dreams about Stranger Things, the TV show I had watched on Netflix last night.

I had the cold, and I felt really bad; I slept pretty badly, and had to get up two times during the small hours to take a hot shower to make myself feel better. I felt really spaced out, my head ached and my throat was sore.

After getting up in the morning, I took my medicine, dressed up, and dabbed lotion on my face. I also remembered to put deodorant into my armpits, I have taken up the habit of using underarm deodorant.

I called my mother and told her that I am coming over, and took the bus ##% to my parents’ home.
I had coffee and some snacks with my mother, and then we took the bus %/¤ to the shopping mall.

Once there, we went to two department stores, and mom bought me two pairs of padded, wired brassieres. I think they’re rather nice, I might start wearing those types of brassieres again.
Mom also bought me two magic ink pens, one pink and one green, from the stationery shop. We went to a café, I got peppermint- flavoured cocoa and half of mom’s vanilla bun.

We took the same bus back to my parents’ home. I wrote into my diary, had coffee with mom, and when I left, I told my mother that I am coming again later tonight.

Me and Mirette went to the supermarket to buy frozen French fries for supper. Once back home, I sorted my laundry into those that are going to be ironed, and put the rest into the cupboard.

I called my mother and told her I am coming over. I took the bus %&% to Troll Mountain, once there mom asked me to pop to the grocery shop to buy milk, and gave me some money for it.
I took a bus to the city center, and went to the supermarket to buy two liters of milk and some treats, mom had given me permission for it.

I took a bus back to my parents’ home, and later the day I went back to my own home on a bus. To be honest, I would have preferred walking, but now that I have the flu, I have to avoid losing energy.

Once back home, I warmed the French fries in the oven and washed the dishes.

Tomorrow I will help Mirette carry her stuff back to her own home. I left my luggage bag there, I will take it along and bring it to my own home, and do the rest of the housework.
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