Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼 (kattidya) wrote,
Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

🍊 Like I mentioned in an earlier entry, I have started feeling pain in my arms and shoulders when I work out at the gym, but I feel like I am doing progress on my legs. I really should focus on my midriff when I work out, in order to better my posture.

🦋 This week's grocery shopping list looks like this; four microwaveable meals, two microwaveable soups, four cartons of milk, cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes, peaches, rye bread, a box of Kleenex tissues, a box of pocket- sized tissue boxes, a lip balm, a pair of dish- washing gloves, and a pair of universal cleaning gloves.

🐠 Me and Suavecita agreed to go see the movie Tom of Finland together next week. It's always better to go see movies with a friend.
Tags: health issues, movies, random thoughts, suavecita
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