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Heart stone and Pinkie Pie

I stayed awake most of last night, but I fell asleep about at half past one o’clock in the morning.

I had a dream where I celebrated Christmas with my family, and suddenly I woke up and realized it had been only a dream all along, and felt a bit sad.

I fell back asleep again, and when I woke up again, I checked the balance of my account in the online bank service, and noticed that I had received money. I paid the monthly membership fee to the gym.

I took my morning medicine, and went back to bed. I got up at half past two o’clock in the afternoon, dressed up, dabbed lotion on my face and deodorant into my armpits, and then I was off.

It had rained during the night, I had heard the noise of rain drops pit- pattering against the window while I was sleeping. The temperature was also warmer, and the snow had turned into slush.

I took a train to Hell City and went to the nearest bank to withdraw the rest of the cash.

I went to a shop named Globe Hope, and bought myself a new change purse. It’s made of terry cloth, white with green dots and four- leaf clover pattern.

I took a train to Mole Hill, bought some groceries, and went to the toy shop to buy myself a plushie keyring depicting the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character Pinkie Pie, and a necklace depicting the same article of jewellery that Moana wore in the Disney*Pixar film.

I went to the jewellery shop, and bought myself a new pair of “everyday” earrings, two pink heart- shaped stud earrings.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places, put the earrings into my ears and the necklace around my neck. I feel like myself once again.

I puttered around my home, and then I was off again; I went to the library to return a stack of books and DVDs, and then to the stationery shops to look for Easter decorations.

I also went to the post office and bought a big cardboard box, the kind you can use to send packages, I am going to mail SweetCarolAnne her birthday & Valentine’s day & Easter package.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places, warmed some soup for supper, and watched the first two Hellboy movies on Netflix. I wish from the bottom of my heart that Guillermo Del Toro will make another film about Hellboy and Liz and their twin children.

In the evening I started to feel a bit depressed and anxious again, and I didn’t even know why. I had no reason at all to be depressed and anxious. I guess it was just fatigue, or something with my blood sugar.

Tomorrow I will receive the delivery from IKEA, a dining table and three chairs.
After that, I will go to Lapland Spring with Mirette, and then I will go to the gym.

On Friday I will start doing the usual housecleaning; replace the towels, take the sheets off my bed, put the mattress and blanket and pillow to the balcony, scrub the toilet bowl, take out the recycling, hoover and mop the visible part of the floor.
When my HoivaOnni worker comes for the weekly visit, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.

On Saturday I will go to my parents’ home for a sleepover now that my dad has gone on a vacation. I will also go to the nearest gym.

On Sunday I will go back home, and do the rest of the housework.
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