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Oh my giddy aunt!

Last night I had a dream about Hellboy, Liz Sherman, and their children.
I was awakened when my smartphone rang, I knew it was the IKEA delivery. I was told that the delivery would arrive in a quarter of an hour, so I got up.
I took my morning medicine, put my bathrobe and my winter coat over my nightshirt, put on my slippers, and went outside.
I was casually checking out Pinterest on my smartphone when the delivery arrived; I received the three Marius chairs in one package, and the Melltorp dining table arrived in two packages.
Oops- a- daisy, the elevator was broken, so I had to haul the packages upstairs one by one.

My face was so dry that it was chapping, so I rinsed it with water and dabbed lotion on it, and rolled deodorant into my armpits.

Soon I was bored again, and didn’t know what to do. Just to keep boredom at bay, I read two books which were both based on BBC TV shows; Doctor Who book How to be a Time Lord, and Keeping up Appearances book Hyacinth Bucket’s Book of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate.

I was painfully aware of my physical nuisances; my skin was dry, my earholes itched, I had a salty taste in my mouth, and I had weird nervous tics in my facial muscles. I helped them by dabbing some lotion on my skin, scratching my earholes, drinking cocoa, and doing some stretches and exercises on my face.
My skin dries very often, because I have atopic skin. The only way I can help it is by rubbing lotion on it, but I don’t always feel like doing it even if I would remember doing it.
As for the earholes itching, I should go to allergy tests. I have a strong feeling that I have food allergies.
I have noticed that I have plenty of cravings for something sweet. I wish I didn’t, it feels awful when I have them, knowing I won’t be able to satisfy them. And especially when I know that if I eat something sweet like chocolate, I just crave for more.
I have taken up the habit of exercising my face muscles at least for once a day, and doing each movement at least fifty times. I might also start doing the same exercises three times a day; in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

I took a short nap, and then it was time to leave.
I took a train to Hell City, then a subway to Heart Cape, and met Mirette. We went to Subway to buy her a sandwich, and then to the nearest supermarket to buy Shrove buns, strawberry milk, and soda.

We took the subway to Grass Cove, and walked to Lapland Spring. There we met Mella, Kenny, and my mother.
We went to the small room with Minna, Mirette worked on her portfolio and I worked on my diary. I noticed that Mirette is very talented in drawing, while I am very talented in writing. At some point in the future, I might write a book and Mirette can illustrate it.

We went to see a small shop, and then we went to the art gallery, both were in the same building. I was looking for stuff I could send to my friend sweetcarolanne as a gift.

In the evening me and Mirette walked to Grass Cove and took the same subway, Mirette went to Girls’ House and I got off at the railway station. I visited Cybershop and LUSH, and then I took the bus ¤!! to Mole Hill and then the bus %&% to Troll Mountain.

I went to see my mom, she gave me some money. My brother was there as well, being the same nihilistic asshole he always is.

I took the bus ##% to Mole Hill, and went to the Big Mole shopping center to buy a bottle of environmentally friendly dish- washing liquid, three boxes of Kleenexes, a small piece of micro- fiber cloth you can use to clean the screen of your smartphone, and a small pot of pink glitter nail polish.

I went back home, ate a couple of sandwiches and warmed myself some soup for supper, and painted my fingernails. They look princess pretty!

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will visit my home at quarter past noon. I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry, and start doing the weekly housecleaning.
I will go to Mirette’s home to help her wash the dishes, then we will go to the Pearl House, there is some sort of happening for young people.

On Saturday I will go for a sleepover to my parents’ home. I will also go to the gym.

On Sunday I will go back home, and continue the weekly housecleaning.

As for future shopping, I will stop buying cow’s milk and instead start drinking vegetable- based milk. I will also start favouring healthy food and nature- friendly cleaning products, whether they are for personal or domestic hygiene.
I need to buy myself a proper pair of insoles for my boots, the kind of custom- made insoles that support your whole body.
I will also start buying Easter greeting cards, preferably the charity ones that don’t need a postage stamp because there’s a stamp on the card saying that the postage fee is already paid in all countries.

And oh, regarding holidays, I have looked on Etsy for different wreaths to hang on my front door. Halloween, autumn, Easter, and one patterned like the fourth Doctor Who’s scarf.
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