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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Thank you, my darling awesome cutie! (´ 3 `)

Dear sweetcarolanne, I got your Valentine's day gift package! I received the notification about it yesterday, and today I went to pick up the package from the post office.
When I saw the package, I immediately knew it was from you! I practically bounced on the ceiling with pure happiness while opening it 😄

I received a rubber stress ball in the shape of planet Earth, it's a very useful gift because it will help me with my hand and neck muscle exercises.

A small bar of organic almond praline chocolate, it was very tasty and pleasantly crunchy. I gave a piece of it to my friend Mirette, who was born in your home country.

A cute heart- shaped bar of soap that smells like orange juice.

A pair of butterfly- shaped silver- plated earrings.

A necklace with a silver- plated kitty cat pendant.

A cute small notebook, salmon pink with gilded dots on the covers. I already have use for it; I am going to keep it as a daily "Counting my Blessings" journal, that is, I will list all the good things that happened today.

But the best of all was the Doctor Whonecklace, I had originally wanted to order it from Etsy, but they didn't ship to Finland so I asked her to order it for me. It has my name (Miia Pauliina), my birthdate (28.12.1988), and my favourite phrase "Never cruel, never cowardly" in Gallifreyan letters (it's a fictional language from the Doctor's home planet in the TV show).

Thank you so so so so much! :D <3

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