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Updating from my parents' home :3

I had a dream about Doctor Who, about celebrating Christmas with my family, and the first high school I ever attended.
I woke up a little past one o'clock in the afternoon, and realized that the post office will be closing in an hour so I had to get up.

I took my morning medicine and dressed up, and went to the post office in the Small Mole shopping center.
My heart jumped with joy when I saw the package, it was the same that my dearie friend sweetcarolanne always sends me!

I hurried home, Mirette had already gotten up. I opened the package and jumped up and down with joy; I received a stress ball in the shape on the Planet Earth, I have wanted a stress ball for a long time now!
I got a small, A5- sized paperback notebook, pink with gilded dots, and a bar of soap, white heart- shaped that smells like oranges.
I also got a tasty treat, a small bar of almond praline chocolate.
I also got jewelry, a pair of silver- plated butterfly- shaped earrings, a necklace with a silver- plated kitty cat pendant, and the most awesome thing of it all was the Doctor Who themed gunmetal pendant that has my name (Miia Pauliina), my birthdate (28.12.1988) and my favourite Doctor Who quote (Never cruel, never cowardly) in Gallifreyan letters.
I had originally wanted to order the pendant for myself from Etsy.com, but they don't ship to Finland, so I asked her if she could send it to me.

I gave Mirette a piece of the almond praline chocolate, she said it tasted good.

I checked my e- mails, my mother had sent me and told me that she is going to do some errands today, and I should come for a sleepover after three o'clock in the afternoon.

I surfed on the Internet, and then me and Mirette left at the same time. Mirette was heading to another city to visit a friend who has her birthday, she was going to have a sleepover at said friend's home.

I took the bus %&% to my parents' home. Like I mentioned earlier, my dad had travelled the the Canary Islands for a week.
Once there, I had coffee and made apple pie with mom. We went to the sauna.

In the evening I watched movies on Netflix.com, Hellboy and Clueless.

Tomorrow I will probably go for a walk, and in the afternoon I will go back home and do housework. I need to wash laundry, scrub the bathroom, and hoover and mop the floor, including from under the furniture.
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