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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Can I get a witness, she updates! :D

🌷 I have been a bit down in the dumps for the past week because of my PMS. I was anxious in the mornings, delusional during day- time, and depressed in the evenings. Fortunately I got my period on Sunday when I was taking a catnap.
I also managed to do plenty of housework, and brush my teeth twice a day.

🌹 I have finally reached the point in my life, where I want to study and work. I have decided to study a main profession, and then study as a masseuse, hairdresser, and seamstress, so I can give those services to people in need. I am also going to take first aid classes.

🌺 Speaking of studying, I have been thinking about learning sign language, and trying to better my Swedish skills.

🥀 I have decided not to use my WordPress blog anymore, the template is too complicated and I have no friends there.

🌻 I have made a financial plan of my own; on every Wednesday when I receive money, I will buy a week's worth of groceries, and on 15th day when my mother gives me the monthly allowance, I will stock up on hygiene products, and on 22nd day I will buy underwear.

🌼 Next Wednesday I will go to Harashoo and ask Perkele to fit a new barbell ring into the third hole into my right earlobe.
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