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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

The situation right now

🍏 My pet peeve is definitely when I open a certain page, and it refreshes immediately right after opening. Some Tumblr sites do so.

🍎 Another pet peeve is when I write in English with my keyboard, and instead of aposthrope, I write "donät" or "hereäs" because my keyboard has Scandinavian letters >:P

🍐 OK, here is a list of the clothes I bought yesterday:
A white dress, kind of like a long- hemmed tank top, with Minute Maid logo pattern.
A long- sleeved purple shirt with orange polka dots. I think it's Marimekko.
An apron dress, brown with white daisies, I am going to have it mended into a skirt.
A yellow dress with white lace and a fushcia flowers.

🍊 I think I'll take up the habit of going to my favourite thrift stores each Tuesday, the day before my payday, and asking them to set aside the clothes I have chosen.

🍋 I also need to buy some electronics; a proper pair of headphones and a LadyShaver.

🍉 I have taken up the habit of checking my smartphone battery each night, to make sure if it needs to be recharged. I should also take up the habit of washing the dishes every evening, and taking out the biological waste.

🍇 I have decided to minimize my use of dairy products, at least at my own home.
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