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Spring has sprung

I had a dream where I was feeling as miserable as I felt in 2006. I kept on waking up between the dreams, and wondering why I felt so content now.

I got up, took my morning medicine, and dressed up.
I called my mother and asked her if I can come visit her, she said it’s alright.

I hugged and kissed Mirette good- bye and promised to meet her next week.

I caught a bus to my parents’ home. Mom and dad were having lunch.
I wrote into my diary, and surfed on the Internet on my parents’ laptop.

Dad gave me 20 euros, and told me that I have too much stuff in my backpack. I decided that when I get home, I will rummage through my backpack and look at stuff I could stop carrying.

I walked home, because the weather was lovely even if the wind felt bitter.

Once at Mole Hill, I went to the Small Mole shopping center and went to the stationery shop to buy two green magic ink pens (I accidentally wrote a typo “mafic” and my spellchecker actually recognizes that word!). At first I was thinking of buying red ones, but green ones seemed more pleasant.

I also went to the department store to buy a ball of knitting yarn. My mother had advised me to buy something with darker hues for the knitted quilt blankets, because pastels and other light colours may show stains.
I also bought a spray bottle of universal cleaning liquid, because the Ecover one had a very pungent smell; it made me cough a lot when I sprayed it on the kitchen surfaces.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places, and rummaged through my backpack. I decided to buy a new, more compact sized backpack later.

I changed the dust bag in my vacuum cleaner and hoovered the floor, took out the recycling, scrubbed the toilet bowl, washed three loads of laundry, took the sofa- bed mattress, blankets, and pillows to the balcony for the night, took the washed bedlinen to the drying room, and hung the washed clothes on drying racks and took them to the balcony. Here’s to hoping that the temperature won’t drop below zero again.

I also updated my English blogs, I haven’t had enough time to write every day. At some point I should also update my Finnish blogs.

I decided to go for an urbane adventure. First I took a plastic bag full of old clothes to the charity shop container, then I went to the supermarket to buy a big bar of Fazer chocolate.

I caught a bus to Mellari, then a subway to the city center, then a train back home.
I have noticed that when I feel downcast, writing lists on my smartphone about any subject at all (even if it's just a grocery shopping list) helps me cope, ground, feel better.

I also sent a few text messages. One to Mirette, thanking her for visiting me. One for Shaman, wishing her a happy spring. One to my father, telling him I will bring my bicycle over on Tuesday for him to tune- up. One for Jelena, reminding her that we will meet next Wednesday.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine.

Tomorrow I have to call my social worker and ask her a few things, then I will go to the social security institution to make an application for income support.
Then I will go to Pearl House and meet Tiinu, she will come visit my home.
After she leaves, I will do the rest of the housework; hoover and mop the floor, including bathroom, and under the furniture, and fetch the bed sheets from the drying room, and hoover the sofa- bed mattress.
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