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Monday, March 27th:
I will call my social worker and ask her a couple of questions.
I will go to the social security institution to fill out an application for income support, I need it to recharge my travel card and pay the broadband and phone bills that my second social worker forgot to pay.
I will go to Pearl House to meet Tiinu, she will come with me to visit my home.
I will finish the rest of the housework.

Tuesday, March 28th:
I will go visit my mother. I will carry my bicycle to my parents’ home, so my father can tune it up.
I will go to my favourite eco- market and buy a canister of scentless laundry detergent.
I will go to the gym.
I will go visit my friend Eleclya, we will go to the movies to see Logan.
If there is housework left, I will finish it today.

Wednesday, March 29th:
I will receive money. I will order two pairs of design socks from HappySocks.com.
I will go to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money, and buy a week’s worth of groceries, a new batch of prescription medicine, and two magic ink pens.
I will go to movies to see a Finnish movie named Saattokeikka.
In the afternoon, I will meet my friend Jelena in Helsinki.

Thursday, March 30th:
I will go to movies to see A Cure for Wellness.
I will go to Lapland Spring.
I will go to the gym.

Friday, March 31st:
I will start doing the weekly housecleaning.
My HoivaOnni worker will visit me at two o’clock in the afternoon.
I will go visit my mother.
In the evening, I will go to the library, there’s a karaoke night.

Saturday, April 1st:
I will go to the art group in Tenner.
I will go to the gym.

Sunday, April 2nd:
I will go visit my parents.


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