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Actually is birb

Last night I had a dream about Martin Valley, the town where I grew up.

I woke up at six o’clock in the morning, and didn’t feel like sleeping anymore. It’s so weird, either I sleep all the way past noon and feel like a zombie fart, or then I wake up in the small hours and feel like I could run a marathon all the way to Norway and back.

I took my morning medicine, and started feeling a bit sick like I could barf acrid yellow bile at any moment. I went back to bed and slept until the sun had risen.

As usually when I take my meds in the morning and go back to bed, I slept like a log for many hours to come. When I felt like I could have gotten up, I felt heavy like an elephant made of cement, and I felt like I had been superglued to my bed. I still managed to get up to put on some clothes and freshen up, and then went back to bed.

Fortunately the time was going slowly; when I finally got up from my bed, it was only 23 minutes past noon. I was supposed to go to Pole and visit Pearl House, there was going to be a music group at two o’clock.

Later the day I took the train to Pole and the bus %) to the house.
In the music group, we were supposed to listen to songs and grade them, but we couldn’t choose the songs by ourselves, and that’s when I lost my interest.

I went to the common computer to update my Finnish blog, and suddenly I had a terrible need to poop. I’m glad the toilet had a small window I could open because my poop smells horrid.

Tina gave me a pair of black clogs I could wear, so I wouldn’t need to run around wearing socks, and also gave me some candy; these sour strawberry- flavoured chewy straps.

Later the day me and Sandy, another counsellor, took the tram /! to Opera and then the tram ( to Lappish Spring.
My mother wasn’t there, and neither was Mella, but there was plenty of treats; carrot cake, oat bread with smoked salmon- flavoured cream cheese, and chocolate kisses.
Me, Sandy, and Tina, who had arrived a bit earlier, had a good time talking and laughing.

Later the day me, Sandy, and Tina walked to the Grass Cove station, and caught a subway to the city center.

I caught the bus ¤”! to Scraper Mountain, and went to see my parents.
My mom gave me 20 euros, I watched some videotapes, ate cashew nuts and chocolate- salty liquorice waffles, drank orange juice, and when my parents were having dinner, I hugged and kissed them both bye, and told them to take care and that I would visit them again soon.

I caught the bus %/¤ to Mole Hill and went to the shopping mall. The first thing I noticed was that there was a new department store right next to the supermarket. I found it rather peculiar, I wondered if they were going to battle for customers.

I went to the stationery shop and bought this month’s birthday cards and name- day cards.

Once back home, I had a good time planning my calendar and writing my diary and blog.
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