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Dogs galore!

Last night I was feeling anxious, I called the national helpline and felt better.

I had plenty of dreams; me and the actors who portrayed the classic Doctors from the TV show Doctor Who were travelling to California in an old van. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody, I sat on Tom Baker’s lap and farted accidentally.
We visited a drag queen- accessory shop named Them.
In another dream, I ate all the quilt squares my mother had knitted, they tasted sweet and furry, the way honey tastes and feels in your mouth. My mother was not amused.
In yet another dream I had somehow ended up in a snowdrift near my old high school, without my backpack or winter coat, but at least I had my keys in my pocket.
In even yet another dream I was hanging dangerously on a cliff, but I was saved by a family with children. I thanked them a lot.

I got up about at midday, took my morning medicine and dressed up, and went back to bed. I got up to make coffee, and then I went back to bed.
I have been taking lots of naps for the past weeks, when usually I am so busy during day- time that I don’t take any naps at all. I am getting worried, it might be just spring fatigue. But if it persists, I am going to start adding fresh fruits and vegetables into my everyday diet, and perhaps take vitamin supplements.

I logged in to the online service of the social security institution. I read that my income support application had been rejected; I had applied for income support because I couldn’t afford recharging my travel card or all the broadband- and phone bills that my social worker had forgotten to pay.

My HoivaOnni worker came to visit me, we talked a bit while I tidied up my home.

We agreed to have the next appointment on Thursday, because next Friday will be Good Friday, and it’s a holiday.
We left at the same time, I hugged her and told her to take care.

I caught a train to Pole and went to the Pearl House to pay my fee for the outing on Tuesday.
There were some dogs you could pet, they were very nice and quiet. One of the dogs, the smallest and fluffiest, gave me lots of wet kisses.

I took a train to Martin Valley and went to see my mother, she gave me enough money so that I could recharge my travel card; I went to the newsstand in the shopping mall, and I managed to recharge my card so that I can travel for fourteen days in the metropolitan area.

I took a train to Helsinki, and a subway to Mirette’s home. I helped her tidy up her apartment, and then we caught a subway to the city center and went to the shopping mall to look for new clothes.
Then we went back to Mirette’s home to pick up her stuff, she was going to have a sleepover at my home like every weekend.

We caught a subway to Crossing and went to a grocery shop to buy some snack. Then we took the bus %&= to my home.

I made some supper for Mirette, and washed a load of laundry.

Tomorrow I will go to this support group for people with mental illness who hear voices as a part of their illness, and then I will go to an art workshop in Tenner. In the afternoon, my older brother will visit me and assemble the IKEA chairs.
In the evening, I will go to the gym and then I will take a proper shower.
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