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The guinea pigs have eaten grapes

Last night I had a dream where I learned sign language, and signalled “The guinea pigs have eaten grapes” to my mother. In another dream, I visited Horror Shop.

After I woke up, I looked at my smartphone and noticed that it was half past eleven in the morning, that’s when Late Winds is opened on Saturdays. I was still feeling groggy, so I decided to sleep for a longer time to gather more energy.
Either I wake up somewhere between 1 am – 7 am feeling hale and hearty like I could run a marathon to Norway and back, or I wake up in the afternoon feeling like a zombie fart. There’s no inbetween.

I got up later, took my morning medicine and dressed up. I wish there was a way I could motivate myself to both have a proper wash and eat a healthy breakfast.

I left right away. I went to the bus stop, where I ran into my mother. We talked a bit and then she went away.
I noticed that I had misread the bus timetables; I was supposed to take the bus %/! to Walnut Hill, but I had read the timetables of the same bus that goes to the opposite direction.
I took the bus #!! to Walnut Hill, and went to Late Winds. There was supposed to be this group for people who hear voices as a part of their illness, but it was cancelled because the counsellor was not able to come today, and they couldn’t get a substitute.
I asked another counsellor if he can sign me up for the group, he said yes.

I took the bus #”” to Helsinki, and went to the art workshop. Today’s topic was decorating pre- painted Styrofoam Easter eggs. I attempted to decorate them with felt- tip pens, but felt frustrated because the paint didn’t stick to them.
I looked at some of the classical paintings in the museum, and then I left.

I took a train back home, had lunch and coffee, and waited for my brother to show up so he could assemble the chairs.

I started feeling sleepy, so I took a long nap. I felt rotten, there was many things I could have done like go for a walk or do housework. After I got up, I still felt rotten because I had wasted my time. I wish there was a way to give up naps forever.
My brother sent me a text message and told me that he has caught fever, and won’t be able to come over to assemble the chairs, maybe next week.

I decided to go visit my parents, so I called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I come for a visit. She said it’s alright, so I left right away.

I caught a bus to my parents’ home. Only my dad was home, my mother was at the sauna.

I had a good time, and later the day I walked to the train station and caught a train to my home.

Once back home, I relaxed for a while, and then I went to the gym.
I tried the pectoral exercise machine, and wondered if it was stuck; then I realized that the previous user had set it for the heaviest weight, about 140 kilograms.

Once back home, I took a shower and washed a load of laundry.

Tomorrow I will host an Easter party at my home, or actually it’s more like a get- together where people drink coffee and tea and eat chocolate eggs.
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