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Palm Sunday

Last night I had a dream about the Doctor Who episode Blink, where Kathy Nightingale ends up being zapped to the year 1920 by a Weeping Angel, and ended up leading a full and happy life. In the dream, she started hosting a children’s TV show where she paints pictures on a huge canvas along with telling a fairy tale.

In another dream, I was in some sort of a summer camp, and waited for my parents to come pick me up a bit earlier before the camp ended.

I also had a dream about children’s hospital with plenty of toys lying around, and the nurses and cleaners and other workers dressed up as Batman and Superman and other characters.

In yet another dream, me and my parents visited a café where I was bought an orangeade popsicle.

I don’t know why, but I seem to have plenty of dreams where I am reverting to my childhood.

After getting up, I took my morning medicine and managed to have a proper wash. I didn’t eat a breakfast, and I didn’t drink a drop of coffee.

And what do you know, once again? I could have done thousand and one things, hoovered the floor, tidied up the bathroom, washed the dishes, taken out the recycling, or gone for a walk, but instead, I took a nap.

I know that taking a “power nap” might help you, but I take naps because I am depressed and anxious. It takes up a great deal of the time that could have been spend on something else, and I wake up feeling even more depressed.

Later the day I realized that the party guests would arrive soon, so I forced myself to get up. My whole body and soul hurt with the effort, but I managed to plant my feet on the floor and get up.

The first one to arrive was Eleclya, she brought some meringues and muffins she had baked.
Then Odessa came over, and then Riga. She brought Domi, her sister’s chihuahua whom she was taking care of, otherwise the dog would have barked the house down if he was left alone.

Suavecita was the last to arrive, she called Eleclya and asked if we wanted something from the shops. Everyone started shouting requests; cough syrup, a bag of crisps, a can of milk…

We stroked Domi’s smooth fur, drank coffee and tea and soda, ate the Easter treats; before Odessa left, she took Domi for a walk.

Riga and Eleclya were the next ones to leave. Me and Riga agreed to meet tomorrow morning in the shopping mall before we go to the bread line.
I hugged each of the visitors who were leaving, and told them to take care.
I had to take six tranquillizers, and then I called my grandmother.

Suavecita had to go out for errands, and Mirette went outside to chill out. I went for a bike ride in the forest.

Once back home, I changed into jammies, and ate some of the leftover treats.

I couldn’t remember if I had taken my evening medicine, or not. I take them at eleven o’clock every evening, it was already half past eleven o’clock p.m., and the Sunday evening department of my Dosett was missing the pills.
I took the pills, and filled up my Dosett.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, from morning to evening!
I will meet my friend Riga in the shopping mall, we will go to a bread line in eastern Vantaa.
I will go to a library to print out my account statement for the past three months, and my broadband and smartphone bills. Then I will go to the social office to apply for an “emergency income support” for the bills that are past their due dates, and for recharging my travel card.
Then I will go to Pearl House, then to Amos Anderson, then to Girls’ House.
I also need to do housework.
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