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You mighty morphin' Power Rangers!

I had had such an eventful day, that I found it hard to fall asleep.
Nevertheless, I managed to fall asleep, and woke up early in the morning as I usually do on days when I receive money.

I got up at half past six o'clock, took my morning medicine and dressed up, and went back to bed. I hung my right leg between the wall and my bed, actually wishing that the boogeyman would grab it.

I got up later, and checked the balance of my bank account from the online bank service on my smartphone.

I went to the ATM machine to withdraw cash, then I went to the dressmaker and paid for my mended clothes.
Then I went to the pharmacy, and bought a batch of two prescription medicines. Then I went to the supermarket and bought groceries.

I went back home and put the mended clothes to the laundry basket, dealt the pills into both of my Dosetts, and then I scrubbed the bathroom sink and toilet bowl, and swabbed the mirrors.

I watched blackhead- popping videos on YouTube, then I went out for errands again; I took three articles of clothing (a dress that was too tight around the bodice, a skirt that was too wide at my hips, a blouse that had a tear on the wrist) to the dressmaker to have them mended, and took a stack of books to the library.

I went to see my friend Eleclya, we were going to movies today.
I took the bus %/! to Taxman, where she lives with her mother. Once there, both were home, including Eleclya's dog Hipsu.

We went to walk Hipsu outside, Eleclya told me that Hipsu once peed on the front door, and once he dragged his butt along the carpet after he had pooped, and once there was a dried- out turd hanging on his butt hair, he snuggled on Maya's bed and left the turd here. We both had a hearty laugh.

Once back at Eleclya's home, we grabbed our stuff and went to the huge entertainment center right next to her home.
I bought us tickets to the movie Power Rangers and also bought Eleclya a slushie.

The movie was amazing! I loved that three of the characters were people of color, one of them was a lesbian, and one was confirmed to be autistic. I also liked that the characters met in a detention, kind of like the 1980's movie The Breakfast Club. I also liked the backgrounds of the characters, each of them had had some sort of problems they were trying to find a solution.
Rita Repulsa was super sexy.

After the movie, the shopping center was still open, so we visited Gina Tricot and Hennes & Mauritz and had a hearty laugh at most of the clothes.

I hugged and kissed Eleclya good- bye and told her we will meet again on Saturday, we will go to Helsinki to see the movie Ghost in the Shell.
I went to the supermarket to look for skincare products, and bought some coffees.

I took the bus %/! to Mole Hill.
Once back home, I stayed awake late into the night watching American
Horror Story: Hotel
on Netflix.

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will come for a visit. I don't know what to do for the rest of the day, but in the evening I might go to the gym.
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