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The situation right nao

Hello friends, sorry I haven't updated for a while, but my life has been a bit busy in a good way. I have plenty of hobbies and other stuff to do, I hang out with my friends and family members, and keep my home tidy.

As for the weather, the spring in southern Finland has been really cold but according to weather forecasts, it might be plus twenty- five Celsius this week.

Yesterday my mother gave me half of the monthly allowance that she usually gives me on every 15th day, which used to be her payday before she retired.
I bought food, two lightbulbs, and a new pair of underpants.

I'm glad there is another Finlayson Pop Up store set in the nearest shopping mall, it will be there until the end of August this year. I need to buy two canvas shopping bags and some bath towels.

I have been smarter with my finances; I have ceased buying clothes and jewellery and other stuff, not because I don't want it, but because I have kind of lost my interest in buying frivolity.

I wish Netflix already added seasons 1 – 4 of Doctor Who, including the tenth season with companion Bill Potts. I desperately want to see it.
I wish they didn't delete Supernatural, but I can always watch it on DVD borrowed from the library, until I drown in the feels.

My wrist eczema has resurfaced, but fortunately I still have an almost full tube of Bemetson left. Otherwise my skin is in a very good condition.
Now that summer is a-cumen in, I have to buy SPF+50 sun protection lotion. Yes, I am that white :D
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