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I stayed awake all night; I knew I could have fallen asleep if I turned off the lights, went to bed, and lied my head on my pillow. But I decided to stay awake voluntarily, because I wanted to look for stuff to give away to charity, and do housework.

I looked through every drawer and cupboard and shelf, and found plenty of “useless” stuff.

I replaced my towels, and decided not to wash laundry or take out the trash until ten o’clock in the morning. I respect my neighbours and want them to sleep well, without the noise of the washing machine disturbing them.

I sterilized my MoonCup by popping it into a boiling pot for a little while. My period is soon to be over for this month.

I took the sheets off my bed and put the mattress, blanket and pillow to the balcony. I had to keep the kitchen window and balcony door open to let fresh air in. The air in my apartment, especially my bathroom, was a bit stuffy after farting a lot.

After two o’clock in the morning I changed my nightie into clothes, and went downstairs to the storage room to rearrange my stuff. The cardboard boxes are already falling apart, I should buy plastic boxes where to keep my belongings.

Once back upstairs, I ate a bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast.

I was feeling bored, so I decided to take a nap on the sofa- bed to make time go faster. I slept well, and felt very calm and relaxed.

I got up at ten o’clock, and washed two loads of laundry.

Later, about at noon, I called my mother and asked if I can come over, she said yes.
I took a bus to my parents’ home, once there me and my mother had coffee and some treats. I helped my mother to load the dishwasher.

After a while, I left and went to the nearest supermarket to buy rye bread and milk, and this new type of iced latte that was flavoured like English Fudge, according to the package.

I took a bus back home.
It was a really hot day, it was about 20 Celsius degrees warm. I was in a happy mood.

I went home, and put the groceries into their rightful places.

Later the day my HoivaOnni worker came for a visit. I washed the dishes and ironed the laundry, all the while talking to her, and then we made a new appointment for next Friday.

I decided to go see Mirette, she was in a hospital. I took a bus to Helsinki and went to the hospital, we went to her room to talk about stuff and then she gave me her home key so I can go to her home to do housework, and bring her some clothes.

After that, I took a tram to the city center, visited a few of my favourite shops, and then I went to the Red Cross youth group.
There were plenty of treats; cherry tomatoes, soft chocolate cookies, raspberry juice, and coffee.
I didn’t feel like taking part in the musical quiz the others were having, so I wrote into my diary and ate the treats.

After the group, I took a bus to Ore, and went to the local poor man’s Stockmann to buy a pound of sugar.

I took a train to Mole Hill, on my way there I shared some articles on FaceBook on my smartphone.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine, made some coffee and out of boredom, I watched Doctor Who on Netflix; I watched the Christmas special Last Christmas, and then I watched some of the episodes with the 11th Doctor and River Song, just to catch up on River’s timeline.
I knitted the quilt squares, drank coffee, took a hot shower, and then I went to bed.

Tomorrow I will continue doing housework. I will also go to this mental health support group in Late Winds, then to the art workshop in Helsinki.
I will go to Mirette’s home to tidy up.
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