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Etsy rocks my socks

I stayed awake all night, once again! I was too busy knitting, and scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. Nevertheless, I felt very happy and cheerful, even if I knew I would feel a bit out of focus the next day.

I kept on logging in to the online bank service on my smartphone, to see when I would receive my monthly allowance. I received it after half past three o’clock in the morning.
Considering that my Internet connection on my laptop was acting up, I logged in to CDON.com on my smartphone, and ordered the same Anna & Elsa backpack I had sent to Zoya as her Halloween gift last year.
I also ordered the Swedish translation of the Jerry Spinelli book Stargirl, and the Ulf Nilsson book Goodbye Mr. Muffin, which is about an old guinea pig who dies and goes to Heaven.

I also ordered some amazing stuff from Etsy.com; a cute sticker, and a cute greeting card. I am going to put them both on my collage wall.

After four o’clock in the morning, I took a shower and then I took my morning medicine.

I spent the morning knitting until my fingers hurt; I had finished one of the quilt squares, and started knitting another with the black, purple, and dark pink striped knitting yarn I had bought yesterday.

When the shopping mall was opened, I went to the supermarket and bought a new pair of underpants, a packet of three- chocolate soft cookies, and a packet of cherry tomatoes.

Once back home, I noticed that my purple Dirndl dress that I was wearing was missing a button. I took it off, put it into the laundry basket, and decided to add it to my collection of clothes that need mending. Along with the button that needs to be sewed back on, the bodice needs to be widened.

I put on a pair of trousers and a t- shirt.
I watched a bit of the musical Cats on DVD, and then I was off again.

I went to the health center to make an appointment for allergy tests. I waited for about 45 minutes for my turn, and then I was told that allergy tests are made only in autumns.
After that, I went to the department store and bought two pairs of Sloggi underpants, now I have enough of them.

Once back home, I took a two- hour nap.
Later Mirette came for a visit, we were going to have a sleepover.

Later the day we went to Pearl House in Pole, we both had a good time in there. Mirette had to leave earlier because she went to an art group in Girls’ House, I went there later.

I drank three cups of cocoa, and talked with the others. Later me and Mirette left and went to my home, Mirette made some pizza.


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23rd May, 2017 20:40 (UTC)
What do you get a monthly allowance for?

I just looked at your bio page and saw that you have a pen-pal of mine on your list: an American girl named Megan who is no longer active on here.
25th Jun, 2017 16:46 (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply, but anyway; it's something called guarantee welfare, which was introduced in the Finnish welfare system in the 2010's. Simply because the amount of welfare was so low that people were starving and struggling to make ends meet, and the only way to stop it was to give people more welfare.

BTW what is your opinion on welfare?
26th Jun, 2017 18:21 (UTC)
I'm all about welfare, but I see too many people around here that are capable of earning money but refusing to. A girl who dated my coworker has had disability payments since birth just because she was born with some spinal defect that isn't noticeable and really there is absolutely nothing wrong with her, so she's spent her life getting tattooed up, spending all his money and doing nothing even though she has full mobility. Even he admits she's "sucking off the govt. teet." The GF's ex-sister-in-law is on full disability for life just because she gets a debilitating seizure every once in a while. She's only had 4 ever, and she's in her 30s now, while another friend of mine had similar seizures and has held on to the same job for 18 years making good money now. How they qualify for welfare, I don't know, because once I tried to fill out a food stamp form and couldn't honestly answer all the questions. The form was so long and arduous that I thought it easier to find more working hours than go through that process.
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