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Updating from my parents' home :3c

Yesterday I received my weekly allowance. I went to the supermarket to buy food, and then to the stationery shop to buy two magic ink pens, one green and one purple.

Once back home, I had a terrible headache. Actually, I had had a terrible headache all day, ever since I got up from my bed. I took a few hot showers to make myself feel better, and then I started puking; I had eaten nothing but a tomato, and after I had thrown it up, I started spewing acrid bile.

Ever since I moved to this apartment where I live now, for about once in half a year I get these migraine attacks when I have a terrible headache and puke my guts out.

Today I felt a lot better, except it feels like my right ear is blocked and my left ear is halfway blocked. If it persists, I will go to the health center tomorrow morning.

Me and Mirette left at the same time, she went back to her own home and I went to my parents’ home for a sleepover. Mom had suggested that I can come over for one night, now that my father and brother were vacationing overseas.

I had packed only the necessary stuff; spare clothes, a bottle of basic lotion, and my laptop. I already keep my diary and a spare filled- up Dosett in my backpack, and I keep a spare toothbrush at my parents’ home for overnight visits.

I took a bus to my parents’ home. Once there, I had coffee and some snack, and later the day me and mother went to a shopping mall to look for new summery clothes for my mother. Later we bought ice creams, I got a chocolate sundae. Then we went grocery shopping.

Once back, I took a shower, warmed some tomato & goat cheese soup for dinner, and then went outside to the yard to write into my diary. I loved seeing how fluent my penmanship is, and how the ink flows like the tears of Jesus.

In the evening, me and my mother walked to the same grocery shop we had visited earlier, in order to get some exercise and fresh air, and because there was still something she needed to buy.

Once back at my parents’ home, I ate some snacks like cheese puffs and salmiakki- flavoured chocolate waffle bites, surfed on the Internet, and felt a lot better.

In the evening, mom cooked oatmeal porridge for supper, it tastes amazing when you put a small dab of butter on it. I brushed my teeth, dabbed lotion on my skin, put on my nighties, dressed my old bed in fresh, clean sheets, and went to bed.

Tomorrow morning I will go back to my own home. I will go to the health center to check what is wrong with my ears, if they are still blocked by then.
Then I will go to Lapland Spring, after that I might go to an art museum.
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