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Everything's alright

I slept quite late because I had sleep debt, and when I got up, I just took my morning medicine, had a quick wash and dressed up.

I went to the convenience store to buy a cup of coffee-to-go, and when I was sipping it on the bus stop, I started thinking that my life is okay, everything is alright.

I took a bus to Helsinki, checked out a few clothing shops, and then went to Helsinki Art Museum. After that, I took a bus to Felt Cove, and a train back home.

Me and Mirette went to the supermarket to buy our favourite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; strawberry cheesecake for Mirette, cookie dough & chocolate cake for me.

Once back home, I did plenty of housework; hoovered the floor, and then my bed and mattress, and put fresh, clean laundry on the bed. Then I took out the household waste and the recycling, washed the dishes, and washed five loads of laundry; first I washed my clothes, then I washed the towels and bed sheets, then I washed my backpack and some of Mirette’s laundry, and then I washed the plastic canvas bags where I keep the recyclable waste.
The only thing left is tidying up the bathroom, ironing the laundry, mopping the floor, and swabbing the nightstand, writing desk, dining table, and kitchen counters.
Tags: chocolate, dreams, food, friends, granny, hell city, housework, midsummer, mirette, mother, museum, real life, sleepover, urbane adventure
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