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I love my mother!

I had plenty of dreams last night.

I woke up feeling sad, but I still managed to have a proper wash and eat a breakfast.
I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I have a really low appetite in the mornings; all I can take is usually coffee.
I would also like to eat more fruits and vegetables, but they’re really expensive in Finland.

I went to the library to print out my account statement, and I also looked at the prices of my prescription medicine online, and realized that I might be able to afford them all by myself next week when I receive more money. I have to buy two kinds of pills, a bottle of emulsion that will stop my scalp from itching, and at least two pump- action bottles of basic lotion.

I called the social security institution and asked them if I will be able to receive income support for recharging my travel card, and I was told that I better ask the social office.

I went to the social office, filled out an application, and now I just have to wait.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she told me that she and my dad are going grocery shopping.

I went back home and felt sad. I decided to take a nap just to spend time, hoping that I would feel better after getting up.

I slept like a log all the way to five o’clock in the evening. I woke up when it started raining heavily.

After it stopped raining, I called my mother and asked her if I can come over. She said it’s alright.

I took a bus to my parents’ home. Once there, both mom and dad were home.

I had coffee and assorted treats, and later the evening mom offered to go for a walk me home.
We walked together to Quarry City, and then she walked back home.
I had a terrible need to poop, my stomach felt like an inflated balloon. I made it to the shopping mall and went to the customer’s bathroom to take a huge dump.

Once back home, Mirette came for a sleepover.
We went to the mall, and I went to a utility store to look for a proper fan for my apartment, because the atmosphere is hot and humid during summer.
Then we went to the supermarket and bought some treats and supper.

Once back home, it was getting late. I took my evening medicine and had a wash. I was sweating my butt off, so I took a cold shower and washed my hair, and then I went to bed.

Tomorrow me and Mirette will go to Eleclya’s housewarming party; Suavecita and Odessa will be there as well.
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