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First day at granny's home

Last night I had a dream where I travelled back home on an omnibus to fetch stuff I had forgotten. I also had a dream where a DeviantART user blamed me for getting them banned on the site. In another dream, I visited a typical suburban bar with my friends, but I had a good time.

I woke up early, but snoozed till my grandmother asked me if I am going to get up.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash, and dressed up into a fuchsia- and orange- striped long- sleeved tricot blouse, and a purple cotton pinafore with white micro- flower pattern.

For breakfast, I had rice porridge with blueberry soup, and a mug of cocoa.

I helped grandmother with housework, I took the carpets out and dusted them while she hoovered and mopped the floor under them.

I did the face and neck muscle exercises, just to alleviate my boredom. I have decided to do them every day while visiting her so I get used to the routine, and I will continue doing them once a day at home.

I helped granny cook lunch; whitefish fillets, boiled potatoes and carrots, and salad with dressing.

I went for a walk, once back I took a long power nap. After getting up, I had coffee with a cinnamon roll and a vanilla crème- filled cookie.

For dinner, we had beetroot salad, pickled gherkin slices, and the salad we had for lunch. For supper, granny made pancakes.

She also gave me a LadyShaver from the 1990’s, it was still in its original package with bubble wrap. I have to buy batteries for it.

I went for a walk again, it was nice getting plenty of exercise and fresh air but the delusions bothered me.

Once back at granny’s home, I drank two mugs of coffee.
In the evening, I took my meds and had a proper wash, and rubbed the cortisone emulsion into my scalp.
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