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Better times

I recently broke up with an abusive friend. I won't reveal her name, but I got sick of her throwing psychotic  tantrums every time things didn't work out the way she wanted, and threatening to kill herself if I didn't obey her will.

In the evening, after going to bed, I called a crisis hotline and told the volunteer about this friend and how she almost made me commit suicide.
Before I fell asleep, I thought about life after death. When I was a kid, I thought that life after death was an endless darkness, and it didn't occurto me until now that the darkness would be warm and comfortable, like your own bed during the night.

I decided that the only reason for me to live is simply to spite the people that have hurt me.

I fell asleep and had beautiful dreams; there were railroad tracks, on the left there was a lush, dark forest with those small white fluffy flowers that look like little tufts of wool.
On the right side of the tracks, there was this sunny town with concrete buildings painted with a riot of colors.
I ventured into the town,and noticed that there was a shop selling Doctor Who and Frozen memorabilia.

After getting up in the morning, I took my morning medicine, dressed up, and put on jewellery. I didn't bother with having a wash, because yesterday when I took a shower I accidentally dropped a tube of face wash and broke the seal or cork or stopper or whatever it is called. I will buy another tube next week.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said it's alright.
I walked to my parents' home and stopped to smell some flowers, I have noticed that white flowers smell the loveliest. I took some photos as well, I am going to take more photos from now on.

My mom answered the door. Dad was home as well.
I updated my blog on my mother's laptop, drank coffee and orange juice,and ate a single raspberry and an avocado and a cinnamon roll, some hummus, salmiakki- chocolate waffle bites.

Later the day I walked to the station, there were lots of colorful paintings on the concrete walls.

I wrote into my diary,and this pierced and tattooed lady asked me if I am writing with a Frixion ink pen. We had a nice talk.

Once in the train, I started watching a this direct-to-video movie The Illustrated Mumon YouTube. The movie is based on the very first Jacqueline Wilson book that I have read, I actually bought it as a Christmas present the year Finland started using euros as the national currency.

I got off at Felt Cove. I saw this dropdead gorgeous young girl who looked like a Coachella model, and I told her she looked beautiful. She thanked me,and we had a nice chitchat.

I went to a park with lots of beautiful flowers blooming; and what do you know, there were the same woolly flowers that I had seen in my dreams!

I travelled back home. On the bus, there was this toddler girl who wept a lot, and I tried cheering her up by showing her my Anna & Elsabackpack and the Twilight Sparkleand Hello Kitty plush keyrings.

I called my grandmother on the way home.

Once back home, I drank coffee and ate a couple of sandwiches.

I went to the gym. There is always a radio playing upbeat songs, now they were playing All Starby Smash Mouth.
I walked in the treadmill for ten minutes, used the exercise machines,and then I got sick of it because I was feeling tired. It was well past nine o'clock in the evening.

I walked back home through the shopping mall,and met Riga on the way. We talked a bit and hugged each other.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine, put on my nightie, made a couple of sandwiches,and watched a bit of the movie Heavy Metalon Netflix.

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