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Good morning, sunshine

I had some pretty nice dreams last night. I don’t remember the dreams, but I remember that they were nice.
I got up before noon, took my morning medicine, put deodorant into my armpits (even if I don’t always brush my teeth or put lotion on my skin in the mornings, I always remember to put on deodorant), and dressed up into a peachy pastel dress with a tulle hem with silvery- glittery stars, with a peachy pastel shirt with the print “Good Morning, Sunshine” and flowers and partial lace sleeves.
I ate some Marabou chocolate for breakfast, I didn’t feel like cooking a decent bowl of oatmeal porridge now that I managed to ruin my appetite with chocolate.

I travelled to Helsinki, and went to see Mella in Lapland Spring. Before the support group started, we had a good time drinking coffee and strawberry juice, and eating all kinds of savory and sweet treats that were served on the table. We popped out for a while to enjoy the garden.

I really like Lapland Spring. It used to be a mental hospital in the olden days, but nowadays it’s a culture center for stuff like museums, cafes, gardens, support groups, workshops, concerts, and plays. It’s one of my safe spaces.

I left a bit earlier because I felt like going to a few museums. I went to the Museum of Natural Science, there was a new exhibition about the climate change and how it will affect the Finnish nature and how the species will adapt to it.
Then I went to Amos Anderson, and checked the “Generation 2017” art show.
I was thinking of going to Sederholm museum, but I felt a bit weird. If you have heard the song Stinky Stuff by Kimya Dawson; well, that’s how it felt like in my mind.

I travelled back home and popped to the local library to print my account statement for the last month; tomorrow I will fill out an application for income support covering August. I need support for recharging my travel card, buying prescribed medication, paying for the monthly gym membership fee, and stuff like that.
Once back home, I downed a few chill pills and ate a proper hot meal. I took a short nap, or actually just lied on my bed, thinking this and that, and then I finished the chocolate, read some Dykes to Watch out For comics, and started a new diary because I had filled the old one all the way to the last page.

Before starting on my dinner, Suavecita called me. We talked about usual stuff, and made plans to go visit Eleclya on weekend.

I ate my soup, then I changed into my Sporty Spice outfit and went to the gym.
At the gym, there is three- story shoe rack where you are supposed to put on your shoes. I always put mine on the lowest rack, because if I have had to walk through snow or rain or mud, the drippy water won’t fall on other people’s shoes.

I tried using the pacing machine or whatevsies it is called, the one that is usually on sale on TV, but it made me achy and exhausted so I used the treadmill. I walked on it approximately for 20 minutes.
I’m planning to go to the gym every day for about a week; on Wednesdays and Sundays I will work out, and on other days I will walk on the treadmill.
It would be lovely to go for a walk in the forests and parks nearby, but walking on treadmill is just as fine. Exercising and staying fit is the point.

I popped to the library before it was closed. I picked up my requests, the book Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter, and the DVD Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
Once back home, I did this and that and then it was time to take my evening medicine and go to bed.
I feel a bit manic and fidgety, but at least I don’t feel sad or angry. I feel like flying to the moon and back, and not witnessing the Apocalypse.

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will visit me at noon, which is pretty early in my standards. I set my smartphone alarm to ring at eleven o’clock, so I will be able to have a decent wash, dress into decent clothes, and eat a decent breakfast.
During the visit, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
I will replace the towels and wash them with the bed sheets, and take the blanket, pillow, and mattress to the balcony for a few hours. I will take out the household waste and the recycling, scrub the toilet bowl, and keep the kitchenette window and the balcony door open, for starters.
My parents travelled to Bonfire City for the weekend to see my great- grandmother, so I won’t be able to visit them. I’m thinking of visiting the National Museum and perhaps WeeGee. And I might go to the gym again to walk on the treadmill. And read Pollyanna and watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and continue knitting. I can keep myself busy.

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