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I can't believe my luck!

I received a notification from the social office last week. It was something about me receiving 900 euros of income support.
I couldn't believe my luck, and I also couldn't believe if it was true, if I had misread the letter, but if it's true, I have some severe shopping to do.
Believe me, I am not going to spend it on coffee and chocolate and clothes and jewellery.
I have already made a list of things I need to buy:

🌟 8 pairs of Nanso nightshirts, and 8 pairs of Happy Socks ankle socks, and 4 brassieres
⭐️ Two containers of each detergent; laundry detergent, dish- washing detergent, universal cleaning spray, toilet cleaner, and air freshener
🍦 A roll of biodegradable trash bags and another of plastic trash bags, a toilet brush and 5 boxes of Kleenexes
🌸 4 pump- action bottles of hand wash, 2 bottles of mouthwash, two tubes of toothpaste, 6 roll- on deodorants, 6 lip balms, 2 bottles of face wash, 2 jars of face cream
🐷 4 boxes of panty- liners, 5 packets of interdental brushes
🦄 100 first- class postage stamps, 4 rolls of Scotch tape, and 2 Frixion ink pens of each color
🍋 A pillar fan and a tabletop fan (the pillar fan is for my apartment, and the tabletop one for my bathroom. My apartment doesn't have air conditioning), three plastic storage boxes, 4 extension cords, and four scrubbing sponges
🍁 3 pink- and- purple striped bath towels (for my own personal use, I will buy the ones for my overnight visitors later)
🌷 A new blanket and a new pillow (my old ones are getting lumpy and yellowish- brown)
🍇 A prepaid internet connection (my own Internet connection was cut off, like I mentioned earlier)
🌞 4 prepaid movie tickets (there are so many amazing movies in theaters right now, like War for the Planet of the Apes, Wonder Woman, and Spider- Man: Homecoming.

I really do hope I will receive the money, because I desperately need those aforementioned products. It's very rare that I receive such amount of money. 


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31st Jul, 2017 15:26 (UTC)
Kuulostaa melkein liian hyvältä ollakseen totta, mutta toivottavasti noin tosiaan on! :)
3rd Aug, 2017 09:27 (UTC)
Niin siinä sitten kävi että sainkin rahaa, ja ostin asianmukaiset tuotteet :)
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