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Dogs galore!

I had a dream about being bullied in grade school, and another dream about Doctor Who.

I woke up early this morning, but didn't feel like getting up yet. I snoozed for a long time, pitying myself and fantasizing.

When I finally got up, I took my morning medicine and freshened up and put on my gym clothes.

I read some pornographic RoadRat fanfiction on Tumblr.

Later the day, after exchanging a couple of phone calls, me and Riga agreed that we will go walk her dogs.
I went to see her at her courtyard, she was waiting for me with her beagle Roosa, and her sister's chihuahua Domi.

It was rainy, grey and chilly. We walked around the Dump Mountain, and the nature was so beautiful it took my breath away.

Riga invited me over to her home for coffee.
We drank coffee and cocoa, and I sat on her sofa with a blanket, and wrote into my diary while Domi napped in my lap.

After I left, I went to the gym. I stretched a bit, then I walked on the treadmill, and then I used the exercise machines.

Once back home, I took a shower. I spent a long time admiring my strong and beautiful body.

I went to the shopping mall and visited the supermarket to buy a box of chocolates.

Once back home, I had a nice time.
Tags: chocolate, doctor who, dogs, exercise, gym, real life, rige
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