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Which reminds me

I had a dream about the mmorpg game Overwatch characters Roadhog and Junkrat.
I got up before noon, did the morning routines, and checked the balance of my bank account. I had received money.

I didn't feel like going shopping or the movies. I took a nap, I stayed flat on my face all the way to afternoon and then I went to the Late Winds youth group.

First I went to the supermarket to buy a bar of chocolate.
I travelled to the youth group, and noticed that me and the councillor were the only visitors.

I was feeling (physically) dirty and sweaty. I felt so uncomfortable that I decided to leave.

I travelled back home and took a long hot shower, and gave myself a good scrubbing.

I pottered around my home, and then I went to the shopping mall.
I went to a clothing shop where I bought a new brasserie, and then I went to the stationery shop where I bought two greeting cards and ten first class postage stamps.
I also went to the supermarket to buy milk and laundry detergent.

I took my shopping back home, and travelled to Helsinki. I had to go visit my favorite eco- market to buy a new toothbrush.
I also bought some snack, a vegan sausage and a handful of cashew nuts.

On my way back home, I called my friends and asked them to come over on Sunday. I was going to host a get- together where they could bring their old clothes and stuff, and give them to others.
Tags: friends, hell city, late winds, real life, shopping
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