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The situation right nao

🍭 When I write my English blog, I enjoy playing with rhymed like "they kept on whining and pining", or "made me feel queasy and uneasy".

🎸 I keep a Microsoft Word text template in my USB stick, and write the day's journal entry into it.
Sometimes I mispell my words because I love the autocorrect function, and I usually write with different cursive or otherwise gaudy fonts jusr for the fun of it.

🍓 When I write into my blog about my everyday hygiene routines, I may write "I cleaned my teeth" that means I flossed my interdentals, scraped my tongue, brushed my teeth, and used mouthwash.
Sometimes I may write "I freshened up" instead of "I had a wash", which means that I just washed the sleep off my eyes and dabbed lotion on my face instead of washing it with face wash gel.

🍹 My throat feels a bit sore, and I have been spitting up tonsil stones all day. I guess I am getting the flu.
(Tonsil stones are these tiny, firm, yellow chunks that you might find in your mouth. I'm not sure if it is hardened snot or undigested food residue, but if you are a grossee like me, you enjoy crushing and then smelling them 😂)

💎 Last week I bought 100 first class postage stamps. Simply out of boredom, I stuck one to each of the Valentine's day card that I couldn't afford to send this year, so I am sending them next year. You could say I am well prepared.
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