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Last week's update

I haven’t been able to update for a while, because I cannot use the internet at my home and I also couldn’t use the Microsoft Word template. I managed to connect to the Internet at my parents’ home, and renew my Microsoft Word subscription online.

On Monday, I went to Pearl House, and then I went to the movies to see Spider- Man: Homecoming.

On Tuesday, I went to visit Pearl House again, I met my friend Tiinu there. Then I went to see my friend Mella, she gave me a potted yellow chrysanthemum and then we went to visit my home for a little coffee and chitchat.
Later the day I rode my bicycle to Late Winds, perhaps I rode a bit too fast because I was completely out of breath and started thinking angry thoughts. But once I was at Late Winds, I felt my cheeks glowing.
In the group, we played songs and rated them. I picked Life on Mars by David Bowie and The Beer by Kimya Dawson.

On Wednesday, I slept late into the afternoon. I received two tiny packages in the mail, it was the jewellery I had ordered from Etsy.com; I had ordered two pendant necklaces, but received three. One of them was a tiny silver- plated hand grenade with an orange- yellow glass jewel, it symbolized the Overwatch character Junkrat. The second was a piece of green glass found from an ocean, the waves had made it all smooth. The extra necklace was found from the same package as the latter one, it was an oak leaf made from iron. It reminded me of the elves from Tolkien’s books.
I called my friend Suavecita, we agreed to go see the movie Annabella – Creation next week.
I decided to go geocaching; I walked around the neighborhood, trying to find “Bunny’s Treasure Box” but couldn’t. Later I learned that it was set in the year 2007, a decade ago when I was treated in Clock River mental hospital.
I gave up and went to visit my mother. We had coffee and buns.

On Thursday, I went to visit Lapland Spring, my friend Mella was there.
After leaving, I went to the Museum of Natural Science and admired the woolly mammoth baby.
After that, I travelled back to Hometown and went to a library.
In the evening, I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for an hour.

Last night I had another dream about the summer cottage.
I got up at ten o’clock, took my morning medicine and drank the first coffee of the morning. Then I had a wash, dressed up and put on a necklace, cooked a bowlful of oatmeal porridge and did the muscle exercises.
I did the usual every- Friday housework; bagged the trash, took the sheets off my bed and replaced the towels and washed them in the laundry.

I was wondering where my HoivaOnni worker was, because she was supposed to visit at half past noon. I called her, she said that she was supposed to visit at half past two o’clock, so I guess I got the time wrong.

I decided to go visit my mother, now that I had the time.
I called her and asked her if it’s okay that I come over, she said it’s alright.

I travelled to my parents’ home instead of riding a bicycle or walking. I took my laptop along, so I could use their Internet connection to re- connect my Microsoft Word, so I could start writing again. I was born to write.

Once at my parents’ home, I decided not to make coffee, I just wrote my blog and ate a bag of salmiakki- flavoured chocolate waffle bites.

Mom was tidying up the bathroom, she also gave me a tenner. Later I packed up and we left at the same time, we travelled to the shopping mall where she gave me another 20 euros.

I travelled back home and went to the supermarket to buy myself a bag of those salmiakki- chocolate waffle bites I had had at my parents’ home.

Once back home, my HoivaOnni worker was already waiting for me. I let her in, and ate a whole bag of the waffle bites.

I started feeling weird, like I wanted to do something special but I wasn’t satisfied with the choices I had.

We agreed to have a new appointment next Friday at one o’clock in the afternoon.

We left at the same time, I travelled to Helsinki and visited the National Museum.
I also went to the contemporary art museum.

I travelled back to Hometown and went to the supermarket to buy food.
I bought microwaveable meals for lunch and microwaveable soups for dinner, and some fruits and vegetables, and milk and bread.

Once back home, I was completely tired and exhausted and my muscles felt even more stiff and achy than yesterday after walking on the treadmill for an hour. I decided not to go to the gym again.

I decided to spend the evening writing my blog and diary, watching Doctor Who episodes, and fiddling on my smartphone.
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