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Bless your bronchitis

Last night I didn’t feel like sleeping, because I was so busy writing and knitting. I decided to simply turn off the lights, lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes, and I fell fast asleep very fast.
I had a dream where I was married to Roger Delgado, bless his soul.

I woke up very early in the morning and decided to get up right away, it wasn’t even five o’clock. It was just that I didn’t get any more sleep.

I took my morning meds and had a wash. I decided to put off brushing my teeth because I didn’t want to transfer my flu bugs into my toothbrush. Instead, I flossed my teeth and used mouthwash.
I dressed up and put on clothes and jewellery, and drank my morning coffee.

I spent most of the morning writing and knitting and reading and tidying up, and looking for stuff to give away to a charity shop.
I also wrapped up Zoya’s gifts for her Halloween package.

I went to visit the health center, even if it wasn’t even opened yet. I wrote into my diary and knitted while waiting.
I got the queue number 5. It didn’t take long to wait until my turn to the nurse, who sent me to the doctor on call. I had to wait for an hour and half, but fortunately I had my smartphone and my diary and my knitting to distract me from being bored.

Soon it was my turn to go to the doctor, she listened to my raspy lungs with a stethoscope and diagnosed me with bronchitis. She prescribed me some antibiotics, I decided to pick them up later today.
To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that it was bronchitis, but then again, I thought it had only been a seasonal flu and besides, I didn’t feel extremely bad, like on the verge of dying, so I put off going to the doctor this long.

I went back home, had some coffee and did some random odd jobs and puttered around.
I made an appointment for a haircut on Friday at one o’clock in the afternoon. It’s my favorite hairdresser, they give you discount if you let a student cut your hair. They usually do great job, just like usual hairdressers.

Later the day I headed to my parents’ hometown library, and borrowed a laptop so I could update my journals. I have decided to go to the library every day in order to update my blogs, and check out Tumblr and other sites.

After I was done, I travelled to Stick City and went to NiceHearts, but I learned that you are not allowed to just visit the place to hang out, you are supposed to take part in the activity groups. So I left.

Once back at the train station, I ran into Odessa; she was going to the dentist. She was wearing beautiful purple eyeshadow, and she told me that she had become an aunt for the second time.

I saw this gorgeous queer couple, they were wearing the most amazing clothes and had intricate hairdos.

I travelled back home, and started a new diary.
I cooked a bowl of oatmeal porridge for lunch, and drank a nice cup of coffee. I should eat oatmeal more often since it’s healthier than ramen noodles.

My mother called me and told me to meet her in front of the stationery shop in the shopping mall, so she can give me the monthly allowance.
I went there, once she arrived, I gave her one of the knitted blanket squares. She was very happy about it.

She gave me 60 euros, I went to the pharmacy and bought two prescribed medicines; the antibiotics and a new batch of anti- depressants.
I was glad that the pharmacist who served me was the nice and kind one. She told me that I am supposed to the antibiotics with a meal, without any dairy products because they weaken the effect of the medicine. I decided to take them in the evenings.
I also bought this mineral water- induced beautifying lotion. I hope it makes my skin glow like a dewy rose in sunshine.

I went to the stationery shop, and bought gifts for Zoya.
Then I went to the supermarket and bought two six- packs of those yoghurt drink shots that are supposed to help the natural bacteria of your stomach. I also bought a two four- packs of fruit & veggie juice shots for supplementing your everyday fruit and vegetable intake. I also bought two big cans of milk.

Once back home, I put my new belongings to their rightful places, drank one of the yoghurt shots, dabbed the beautifying lotion on my face (and popped my pimples), recharged my smartphone, and wrapped up the gifts for Zoya.

Soon I left again. I felt a bit weird physically, my stomach was protesting and so were my muscles.

I went to the library to return a couple of books, then I travelled to Pole City. It took me a while to find the library, and once I did, I decided to use the customer computer instead of taking part in the novel reading & knitting group.
I had a good time, nonetheless.

Later the day I didn’t even notice it had gotten so dark. I travelled to the city center, and went to a burger joint and bought two portions of French fries.
I travelled back home, took my antibiotics and evening medicine, puttered around a bit, and when I was having a wash I put a few drops of the Vichy serum on my face.

It has been a very chilly day, you can see your breath fuming in the air. It has drizzled a bit, but the sun has also showed itself. There are already gorgeous summer colours here and there, but mostly it’s all green.
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