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Here's to hoping tomorrow will be better

I wish I could learn to enjoy writing my blog entries the way I did during last decade, without any kind of self- criticism even if my English grammar wasn’t that perfect. Of course, I still enjoy writing, but I still have my doubts.

Anyway, this morning I woke up again to a coughing fit, I felt like I was dying but soon I felt better.

I got up, took my morning medicine, had a proper wash, dressed up, and drank my morning coffee. I also drank one yoghurt shot and fruit & veggie shot.

I received money today. I checked my online bank account, paid my monthly gym membership fee, and went out to recharge my travel card.
I recharged it so that I can travel in the metropolitan area for three weeks.

I went to the shopping mall and visited the stationery shop. Frixion ink pens were in discount, three for a tenner, so I bought a pink, black, and blue one.
Then I visited the post office and bought a cardboard package so I could send Zoya’s Halloween package.

In the afternoon, I went to visit the youth group in Walnut Hill. I took a bus there, and once I arrived, I was still in a terribly bad mood but fortunately I started feeling better. There were two new visitors, I shook hands with them and introduced myself.

I drank two cups of cocoa, and one cup of coffee.
Later the afternoon we went to the nearest park to play frisbee golf. We had a good time.
After that, we went back to Late Winds, and discussed what we are going to do during the following groups.

When it was evening, I left and took a bus to Hometown. I went to a clothing shop and bought a gift for Zoya. Then I realized that I could send her Halloween package today, considering that I had enough first class postage stamps to stick on the package, so I didn’t have to pay for sending it.

I went back home, wrapped up the gift as neatly as I could, and put all the previously bought gifts neatly into the box, and then I went out to go to the post office.

I mailed the package, the postal worker was very nice to me even if I fumbled a bit with the stamps.

I went back home, and made myself a cup of pomegranate- strawberry- lemon tea. I have decided to drink tea in the evenings, when I can’t drink coffee; caffeine keeps me awake, and besides, I enjoy drinking my coffee with milk, and dairy products weaken the effect of the antibiotics I was prescribed for bronchitis.
I really should take up the habit of drinking green tea, it’s very healthy. But then again, I enjoy drinking tea with sugar, after it has cooled down a bit, and then it would lose all its healing ingredients.

I don’t have any special plans for tomorrow.
I have to visit the social security institution to get some sort of piece of paper to prove that I am a pensioner, so I could get discount for the gym membership payment. I also need to ask them a few questions.
Then I will go to the said gym to show them the paper.
I have decided not to go to the gym before I have been healed of my bronchitis, I also won’t brush my teeth so I won’t transfer the bacteria into my toothbrush.
Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be a good day.
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