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Trying to keep yourself afloat can wear you down

Today was a very bad day for me. Or actually, it could have been a very good day if it wasn’t for my bad attitude.

Last night when I went to bed, I was in a foul mood and started thinking about life and death. Don’t get worried, I am not contemplating suicide, I just wondered what exactly is the point of living, when you die anyway. You are nothing after your death; your body festers in grave, and your soul ceases to exist.

I woke up when I started coughing. I wondered why I still cough so much, I have been taking the antibiotics for a week now. I was told by the pharmacist that the antibiotics lose their effect if you consume dairy products; I was told that if you consume milk or other dairy product, you have to wait for two hours before you take the medicine, and then you have to wait for two hours after taking the medicine before you consume dairy products.
My diet consists mostly of dairy products, so I guess the antibiotics have been none of help.

I got up, took my morning medicine, had a wash, and dressed up.

I stayed inside for most of the day, and then I left my comfort zone to visit the social security office. I asked the worker for some kind of a paper that would prove that I am a pensioner, so I could get discount for my monthly gym membership fee.
I met one of my grade school friends, this Romany woman who is really sweet and kind. She used to work at Late Winds a while ago.

I went to the gym and the discount was registered, then I went back home.

I decided to go out for errands; I took a bag full of useless stuff to a charity shop container, then I went to a mobile phone shop and asked them how to use the prepaid dongle I had bought.
I went to the pharmacy to recycle some medicines, and then I went round in the shopping mall to look at things I could buy to myself or my friends.

After the shops were closed, I went back home. I was still in a bad mood and I almost cried, but I kept myself busy by doing housework.
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