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Kontakt oss i hylje

Last night I had a dream about watching Doctor Who episodes, one of them featured a range of absolutely disgusting and revolting aliens. I woke up with a start, it was about at quarter to four o’clock in the morning. I wondered if I should get up so I wouldn't have bad dreams anymore, but decided to continue sleeping.

I had a dream where I travelled to Lapland. I petted reindeer and Lappish dogs and ate some local delicacies.
In another dream, I was in a Hennes & Mauritz shop and I was having a bloody fight with some girls from my junior high. I crushed their bodies in a garbage heap, and it made me feel bad that I had given in to my blind rage. I guess the dream taught me that I still have some unfinished business with my past memories.

I got up about at half past eleven o’clock in the morning, took my meds, had a wash, dressed up, and had coffee.

It was sunny outside. It was predicted that this week it would rain heavily every day.

Later the day I went to visit Late Winds, there was some sort of happening for people who have delusions as a part of their mental illness. I had a good time there.

Later the day I travelled back home, and made myself coffee.
I called my mother and asked her if I can come for a visit, she said it’s alright.

Once at my parents’ home, my mom said that my kitty ear hat is really cute.
I drank orange juice and coffee, and ate a cinnamon roll and a handful of cashew nuts.
I didn’t talk with mom much, but we had a good time nonetheless.
I did some simple stretches and exercises and also exercised my face and neck muscles, and immediately felt better. I also shaved my armpits.

Later the day I left, I hugged and kissed my mom and told her I am coming again tomorrow. I walked to the library, and borrowed a laptop. I updated my blogs, and then I went to the mailbox and mailed three birthday cards.

I walked to the Quarry City church and went to the youth group.
I had a good time, writing into my diary and eating treats.

Later the day I left and travelled to Helsinki, I visited a contemporary art museum. There was a new art show by an Indian artist: the show was awesome, a bit frightening, but still awesome.

After the visit to the museum, I visited the museum shop to look at notebooks. I should buy some soon.

I went to visit a few clothing shops and a jewellery shop. I was glad to see all the amazing clothes they had for sale.
Later the day I decided to go back home; I took a bus to my parents’ hometown.

I started feeling sick; my heart lurched, like a cold hand was squeezing my heart. I also felt like I was throwing up every time I coughed.

The bus driver drove into a wrong lane, I advised him back on the right one.
Once at the train station, I helped another person with the ticket machine. So I guess I did two good deeds today.

Once at home, I took my evening medicine. I put on my jammies and felt incredibly good, I felt like I was wrapped in a soft, warm, fuzzy blanket.

I used my Netflix app to watch TV shows, half an episode of the second season of the cartoon Transformers: Robots in Disguise, and a new TV show named The Good Place, which is about Heaven and the life after death. I love all kinds of fiction (déjà vu!) about life after death, especially Heaven.

Tomorrow morning, the first thing to do is to take a shower and wash my sweaty hair.
I will start doing the weekly housework, I will try to do as much housework as I can in one day.
Then I will go visit my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance. I will walk there, and I also need to mail a couple of name- day cards.
I will buy a Spotify Premium gift card, so I can enjoy music. I should also buy some hygiene products and groceries.
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