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Rattled with anxiety

Last night when I went to bed, I was rattled with anxiety and worried about my lifestyle; I understand the importance of the main building blocks in life, such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, and how they affect both my mental and physical health. But then again, the only time of the day when I actually care about those things, is after eleven o’clock in the evening; I get these weird bouts when I start worrying about my unhealthy habits, but never actually do anything to change them.

I guess I should learn to forgive myself. It’s important to forgive others, but it’s also important to forgive yourself.

This morning I didn’t care about those building blocks any more, even if I remembered them.

I took my morning medicine, and washed my face. The corners of my mouth are chapped again, I don’t know if it’s simply my atopic skin or some sort of vitamin deficiency.

I brushed my teeth, and drank some coffee. Later the day I decided to go to Pearl House, I was in such a haste that I didn’t even bother eating breakfast.

Once at Pole City, I noticed that I had one missed call. I called the number, it was my big brother. We agreed that he is going to visit me tomorrow and try to do something about my laptop, it seems to be broken.
After a while, my good friend Laufey called me. We talked a bit and I asked her to send me her home address as a text message so I can send her a birthday card.

Once at Pearl House, I had a good time. Later I started feeling a bit antsy, so I decided to leave but I didn’t feel like going home yet.

I spent the afternoon getting on and off buses, until I ended up in East Center and went to the local library to use the computer. Then I started feeling better.

My big brother will visit me tomorrow to see what he can do about the computer. In the evening I will go visit my friend Mirette, we will go to sauna together.
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